Post Commitment Interview: Damien Edwards

Chandler High OT Damien Edwards thoughts on South Forida

Chandler (AZ) High's Damien Edwards' commitment to South Florida flew under the radar a little bit. brought you the scoop, now hear for yourself how all of this went down... USF doesn't typically recruit AZ, how did this all come about, the late trip and commitment?
"Well my brother in Florida, Reggie, is a big Bulls fan and called me every week about their success. That's when I began to take notice of the USF program. Coach asked for my films and called on Thursday. So I left for Tampa on Friday."

Ultimately why did you choose USF?
"I have family in Florida so it's like coming to my second home and I have a brother that goes to UConn and plays basketball which is also Big East so there's a little sibling rivalry. Also USF is going to do big things and I want to be a part of it."

What about USF made you commit?
"It's in Tampa which is a really nice place with good friendly people and again I have family there. The players were cool guys; they all hung out together no matter if you were the punter and the linebacker and they were a family."

What other schools did you consider and what others offered?
"I was considering Fresno State because my Dad coached at UNLV with Coach Hill. Also Colorado State and Washington State but was waiting to hear back from them. I saw this as a oppurtunity to prove to everyone else that fell off on me what I can do."

What coach did you commit to?
"I was talking to both Coach Simmonds, the line coach, and Coach Leavitt."

What do you want to major in?
"I am very interested in sports broadcasting (color commentary) and maybe sports medicine."

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