Sullivan Proformance and Donovan McNabb

Will Sullivan interviews Donovan McNabb to offer advice to high school athletes

I am pleased to introduce to you a new feature to that I firmly believe can help our student-athletes grow not only as players but as people.

Will Sullivan from Sullivan Proformance has been someone who the 24-7 staff has known for years. In fact, Jeff from 24-7 coached will in high school. We have been looking for ways to incorporate him into the site and Will came up with what we believe is a great idea.

Some kids are motivated by different sources. Some listen to their parents or high school coach and most look up to professional athletes. Will has put together a group of interviews with current NFL players to help give advice to our young impressionable student-athletes.

Will's first interview is with Eagles QB Donovan McNabb.

Sullivan Proformance with Donovan McNabb

Will works with Brett Fischer and trains athletes fromt he professional to the high school ranks. If you are interested in getting in touvh with Will. Here is a link to his website:

Sullivan Proformance

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