Scouting Breakdown: Gilbert v. Dobson

24-7 partner Will Sullivan from Sullivan Proformance breaks down last week's Gilbert/Dobson scrimmage

Gilbert- The safeties are a huge concern.  They get lost in coverage and don't help
the corners who are playing underneath.  The corners are very small, making them
vulnerable to the fade but they are quick and play close to the receivers. 

Dobson- This group plays together and it looked like they were very comfortable in
pass coverage but tackling proved to be an area of concern.  Because they don't get
a tremendous pass rush they were left out to dry on most passing situations.  They
play not to get beat deep so it opens up the quick game for an opposing team

Gilbert- On offense they showed themselves to be agile and strong in the run game.
However, the pass protection had gapping holes, exposing the QB on several
occasions.  Because they lack ideal size, there quickness proved to disrupt
everything that Dobson was trying to do on offense. Jesse Parker's attack style of
defense is relentless and very aggressive and he get's the most that you can out of
this group.

Dobson-On offense, the pass protection on the right side of the line was noticeable.
The QB and RB's were walloped many times on passing downs.  They are big, but slow up front.  When your QB's jersey is dirty from taking his normal drops and OL are chasing tackles and ends the whole night from behind then re-evaluate your starters.  On defense they change personnel slightly to gain more of an edge with some speed and quickness.  They get a great push on run defense and they get constant penetration.

Gilbert- The front seven of this defense has to be their strong point.  The LB's for
Gilbert are aggressive and explode through the point of contact.  They lead this
defense by example.  Average in pass coverage and strong in run defense.

Dobson- This group is easliy pushed around.  They look for the DL to make the plays,
so it causes them to be hesitant in the coming toward the LOS.  They are soft in
coverage but they do get their hands on alot of balls because they don't bite on the
playaction easily.

Offensive Backfield
Gilbert- Power I, Option offense.  Very average in the passing game.  No star power
on offense.  No depth at WR, but they utilize their RB's as much as possible.  They
are quick agile and can break a game open at any time.

Dobson-Their best athletes play QB.  They played in a basic pro-set in this
scrimmage.  They have big wide receivers but they were not utilized against
Gilbert's smaller DB's.  No star power on offense at this time.  Their RB's did a
good job of churning out yards when holds were not opened.

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