JTL's final Small Ball Rankings. 2/26/03

Here's my new rankings. I will do them every other week on Sat nights or Sundays. Last ranking is in parenthesis.

Up Next- all state and all region teams, then my 03'-04' pre-preseason-preview
3A Final Top Ten
1- Globe
   The only question is where do they stackup on the alltime list?
2- Monument Valley
   The best team, on what proved to be the best region (North), made it to championship game.
3- Holbrook
   Gave Globe their closest game of the tourney, and also knocked off #2 Snowflake.
4- Snowflake
   Lost to Holbrook despite being ranked #2 for most of the year.
5- Greyhills
   Best record in the North during season, ran into Globe too early at state.
6- Tuba City
   Surprise team of the tourney. Knocked off two top five team (Sedona and Payson) to make AWA.
7- Payson
   Beat Safford rather easily, suffered one of the tourney's biggest upsets to Tuba.
8- Seton Catholic
   Finished season with 2nd best record in the South. Lost in the first round of state, but to powerfull Snowflake by only five.
9- Rio Rico
   Went to state as the South's #2, lost to finalist MV in 2nd round.
10- Safford
   Up and down year ended after 1st round loss to Payson.
2A Final Top Ten
1- Valley Christian
   Repeat champs ending a dominant two year run with only 1 loss to small opponents in that time span.
2- Scottsdale Christian
   Although they were upset by DC at state, they can lay claim to being the only squad to beat VC in two years.
3- Thatcher
   Revenged early loss to DC with blowout win at AWA.
4- Desert Christian
   Didn't get to see the VC matchup, but still beat SC to make AWA.
   Finished best season since joining the metro. Gave state finalist Thatcher all they could handle.
6- Bisbee
   Could be said that they gave VC their best game of the tourney.
7- Bourgade
   While everyone picked two or three metro teams to make AWA, few picked these guys.
8- San Carlos
   Gave DC a tough game in 1st round.
9- St Johns
   North champs fell to NWCC in great 1st round matchup.
10- Baboquivari
   Beat Supie, then were demolished by Bourgade.
1A Final Top Ten
1- Joseph City
   No competition for these guys, just like in football. Very unexciting state playoffs when the only question is can anyone come within 20 of these guys.
2- Fort Thomas
   Gave JC their best game of the playoffs, would have met them in finals if not for losing title game of region tourney.
3- Fredonia
   Lost in title game, gave JC a good game earlier in the year (but still went 0-4 against them).
4- East Fork Lutheran
   Won the East, lost to Fredonia in their 1st game.
5- Life School
   Beat solid squads VU and Greenfields before whupping by JC.
6- St David
   Best record in South during season, lost to Fredonia by one point in final four.
7- Greenfields
   South region winners, lost first game to Life.
8- St Michael
   3rd best in North would be good enough to push for region crown in most others. Lost to St David by four at state.
9- Elfrida Valley Union
   3rd East, blownout by Life in 1st round.
10- Salome
   Won west, lost a decent game to St David by nine.
3A Ranking of the Playoff Teams (with last ranking and peak ranking on year)
1- Globe (1/1) Has been #1 all year, can go down as one of the great 3a teams of all time.
2- Snowflake (2/2) Has been here most of the year. Will Globe matchup in Final Four be the "true" title game?
3- Sedona Red Rock (5/3) West champs. Have already proven they can beat the north's best.
4- Monument Valley (6/2) Was the best team in the north, proved it by winning region tourney.
5- Payson (4/4) The east's big two could make AWA.
6- Greyhills (3/3) Lost region title game, has tough 1st rnd game.
7- Rio Rico (9/9) Placed 2nd in the tough west. Gave Globe a good game.
8- Safford (10/2) Looks to be back on track. Could make AWA.
9- Seton Catholic (7/7) If healthy, can make a run at Snowflake.
10- Fountain Hills (8/3) Is sliding down the charts, still a dangerous team though.
11- River Valley (NR/NR) Not ranked entire year, finished 2nd in west.
12- Holbrook (NR/NR) My pick to upset River Valley.
13- Chino Valley (NR/10) Has cooled off, but still a dangerous team.
14- Tuba City (NR/2) Biggest dissapointment of the year for all small ball classes.
15- Round Valley (NR/NR) Had only 2 region wins during season. Later guys.
16- Alchesay (NR) (See above) Thanks for coming.
2A Ranking of the Playoff teams (with last ranking and peak ranking)
1- Valley Christian (1/1) Held this spot for whole year.
2- Scottsdale Christian (2/2) See above.
3- Desert Christian (3/3) See above.
4- Thatcher (4/4) Days of elite coming to end?
5- NWCC (5/5) Definate AWA possibilities.
6- Bisbee (6/5) Been around here all year long, unfortunately could play VC in rnd 2.
7- St Johns (8/4) Beat Mayer 2 of 3, lost the most important one though.
8- Mayer (9/8) Won north region. Matchup vs Bourgade will be a good one.
9- Bourgade (NR/6) Beat PC to get to state, has great shot at AWA.
10- Baboquivari (NR/10) Sleeper shot at AWA (like 2000).
11- Duncan (NR/NR) Best team not to crack the top 10. Game vs Bisbee = exciting.
12- San Carlos (9/4) Dropped, dropped, dropped....
13- Valley Sanders (NR/9) I wanna pull for these guys and say they have a shot at SC, but not in reality.
14- Pinon (NR/NR) Given the death penalty (VC).
15- Superior (NR/NR) Another team with little business being here.
16- Maricopa (NR/NR) Why are they here? Hey, at least they don't play VC.
1A Ranking of the Playoff Teams (with last ranking and peak rank)
1- Joseph City (1/1) Each week further cements place as virtually unbeatable.
2- Fredonia (5/4) Just because they are the only 1a team to give them a game. Still lost to them by over 20 two other times.
3- East Fork Lutheran (6/6) Shows the dominence of JC, who beat these guys by 30+.
4- Fort Thomas (2/2) Lost two of three to East Fork, plays JC in rnd 2.
5- St David (4/2) Lost region title game, but still beat Greenfields 2 of 3 and had a much better record.
6- Life School (3/3) Didn't want to drop this far after one bad loss, still can get to final four.
7- Greenfields (8/6) May have actually been better off losing region title to play on othr side of bracket.
8- St Michael (9/6) A sleeper. Has beat Fredonia, if they get by St David they are in the final four.
9- Elfrida Valley Union (10/7) Could prove to be underated all year.
10- Salome (10/4) A region winner this low? Yep.
11- Tohono O'dham (NR/NR) Fredonia has the JV by halftime.
12- PDSD (NR/10) Hey, they beat Fort Thomas in an upset last year!
3A Top Ten
I feel a little better about the top ten since I was able to drop a west team after Chino's loss. I still believe that the south is the best region, and that is reflected with four south teams in the top ten, five in the top 14. Regionals will make for an interesting final ranking before state. Some solid squads will be left out in the north and south.
1- Globe (1) Undefeated, enter them in 4a state!
2- Snowflake (2) Has been #2 on my rankings for most of the year.
3- Greyhills (3) North region #1- at least until regionals.
4- Payson (4) Been hovering here for a few weeks.
5- Sedona Red Rock (5) Tied for #1 in west.
6- Monument Valley (6) #2 on the Rez.
7- Seton Catholic (8) #2 in the south.
8- Fountain Hills (7) 3rd in west, but my pick to win regionals.
9- Rio Rico (NR) Back in the top ten, 3rd in south.
10- Safford (9) Big win vs Ctown keeps them ranked.
Dropped Out- Chino Valley
Next Four In Order- Chino Valley, Coolidge, Ganado, Tuba City
2A Top Ten
While the top three has remained the same the entire season, the rest of the 2a has been unpredictable. Babo, NWCC, Williams, and now Duncan have proven to be surprises.
1- Valley Christian (1) Which squad is better, 02' or 03' ?
2- Scottsdale Christian (2) Still best bet to beat VC.
3- Desert Christian (3) Been #3 the whole season.
4- Thatcher (4) Region champs, as always.
5- NWCC (5) Knew they'd be good, but didn't expect them to have their best record since joining the metro.
6- Bisbee (7) 2nd in desert.
7- Phoenix Christian (8) Will fight for playoff spot with Bourgade.
8- St Johns (9) Undefeated in region play.
9- San Carlos (6) Lost playoff to Duncan for 2nd in copper.
10- Mayer (NR) Playing well of late.
Dropped Out- Baboquivari
Next Four In Order- Bourgade, Duncan, Baboquivari, Valley Sanders
1A Top Ten
Anyone else see the west's St Pauls was waxed by south's Ajo 68-54? Maybe the west has been overated and the south a little underated.
1- Joseph City (1) Would be a top four 2a team.
2- Fort Thomas (2) One loss to 1a opponents.
3- Life School (3) Undefeated against rest of 1a.
4- St David (4) Region champs, as always.
5- Fredonia (5) Lost to St Michael, still #2 in north.
6- East Fork Lutheran (6) Gave Fort Thomas their only 1a loss.
7- Pima (NR) Tied for 3rd in region with VU. Been playing well of late.
8- Greenfields (8) 2nd in south.
9- St Michael (7) Big win vs Fredonia, strange loss to Seligman.
10- (tie) Elfrida Valley Union and Salome (9 & 10) Someone will get left out of the east playoffs, either VU or Pima. Salome has been playing better of late, but it will be another 1st round goodbye at state.
Dropped Out- none
Next Four In Order- Clifton, Seligman, Ajo, St Pauls
3A Top Ten
These were EXTREMELY hard to make, but I'd love to hear some input. #1 and #2 weren't hard since I've had the both teams at these spots for a while, but I may have overated the west, and found it hard to boot C-town out of the top 10, but I had too since Chino is tied for #1 in the west.
1- Globe (1) Can they go unbeaten?
2- Snowflake (2) Beginning to put it all together.
3- Greyhills (7) #1 in the north, so #3 by default.
4- Payson (4) Will battle w/SF for east crown at regionals.
5- Sedona Red Rock (8) Tied for 1st in west.
6- Monument Valley (6) My pick to win north regionals.
7- Fountain Hills (5) Still my pick to win west regionals.
8- Seton Catholic (9) 2nd in the south.
9- Safford (3) Have fallen hard, but still talented enough to play at AWA.
10- Chino Valley (NR) Could be overanked here, but are tied for #1 in the west. I do doubt that they'd beat Coolidge however.
Dropped Out- Coolidge (10)
Next Four (in order)- Coolidge, Rio Rico, Ganado, Tuba City
2A Top Ten
It is doubtful that VC will play a close game the rest of the year. While teams #4 through about #14 can beat each other on any given night, only the top three have any chance at beating the defending champs. VC's 22 point romp on SC served notice to the rest of the 2a- Start looking towards next year.
1- Valley Christain (1) May not be tested again. Loss vs SC has helped in the long run, but will cost VC 2 straight undefeated seasons vs the 2a.
2- Scottsdale Christian (2) Licking wounds after anticlimatic blowout loss, rebounded nice with blowout win vs PC.
3- Desert Christian (3) In my mind (as I said in my preseason preview), presents best matchup vs VC.
4- Thatcher (5) Won region showdown vs San Carlos.
5- NWCC (7) Sparkling metro record at 11-3.
6- San Carlos (4) Has dropped 2 to Thatcher, will have one more chance at region tourney.
7- Bisbee (6) Has lost some dubious games, but can beat anyone outside of VC and SC.
8- Phoenix Christian (8) 4th in metro is good enough for 8th in 2a.
9- St Johns (10) It hasn't been pretty or easy, but is #1 in the north.
10- Baboquivari (NR) A real sleeper, with their combo or outside shooting and quickness, can beat anyone if they get hot from the outside. Win vs Bisbee pushes them to top of the desert.
Dropped Out- Bourgade (9)
Next Four (in order)- Bourgade, Mayer, Valley Sanders, Duncan
1A Top Ten
A few big games last week. The Fort lost a close one to EFL, JC squeeked by region rival Fredonia, while Life and St D's continue to dominate within their regions. The region tourneys look pretty boring except in the east, where 5 teams will battle for 3 spots.
1- Joseph City (1) Zero losses to 1a opponents, may end up that way.
2- Fort Thomas (2) One loss to 1a squads will serve as a wakeup call.
3- Life School (3) Cruising, undefeated vs 1a.
4- Fredonia (5) Only 1a team to hang with #1 JC.
5- St David (4) Undefeated in region.
6- East Fork Lutheran (6) Big win vs the Fort.
7- Greenfields (7) Easily #2 in the south.
8- St Micheals (8) Will be #3 in the north.
9- Elfrida Valley Union (9) Suffered a loss to Pima.
10- Salome (10) The Frogs are hanging in there.
Dropped Out- None
Next Four (in order)- Pima, St Pauls, Clifton, Seligman
3A Top Ten
The 3a continues to be muddled with no signs of clearing up. There are about five teams with legit claims to the #2 ranking, and outside of Globe, there are about 15 teams that can beat each other on any given night. This makes for extremely rough rankings, but also an exciting state tourney in a month.
1- Globe (1)
2- Snowflake (2) May be overtaken by Payson soon.
3- Safford (3)
4- Payson (5) Continues to climb.
5- Fountain Hills (4) Split season series with Sedona.
6- Monument Valley (8) Best on the Rez?
7- Sedona (7) Big win vs Fnt Hills.
8- Tuba City (6) Is 2-0 vs MV.
9- Seton Catholic (NR) Playing great ball now.
10- Greyhills Academy (NR) Quietly amongst the Rez elite.
Dropped Out- Coolidge, Rio Rico
Next In Line- Coolidge, Rio Rico, Chino Valley, Ganado, Alchesay.
2A Top Ten
The 2a has also seen its share of upsets this year. While only a select few teams are capable of beating #1 VC, there seem to be many teams capable of beating anyone else in the top five.
1- Valley Christian (1) Loss to SC could help in the long run.
2- Scottsdale Christian (2) Losses to Bourgade and NWCC in same week.
3- Desert Christian (3) Been playing well without Perkins.
4- San Carlos (4)
5- Bisbee (6) Could win the Desert.
6- Thatcher (5) Definately down this year.
7- Bourgade (7) Inconsistent, but talented.
8- Phoenix Christian (9) Up and down season.
9- St Johns (10) In a close 3 way battle for the north.
10- NWCC (NR) Near the top of the Metro with VC.
Dropped Out- Valley Sanders
Next in Line- Valley Sanders, Mayer, Baboquivari
1A Top Ten
The only game that can significantly change the rankings is the Ft Thomas vs VU game, which will be unknown until Mon. St Pauls does move into the top ten.
1- Joseph City (1)
2- Fort Thomas (2)
3- Life School (3)
4- St David (4) Blowout loss to the Fort.
5- Fredonia (5)
6- St Michael (6) May drop next time around. 
7- Greenfields (7) 2nd in the south.
8- Elfrida Valley Union (8) 2nd in the east.
9- Salome (9) Game vs St P's will determine who stays ranked.
10- St Pauls (NR) see above.
Dropped Out- Pima (10)
Next in Line- Pima, Clifton, East Fork Lutheran
3A Top Ten
The 3a is anyone's guess after top-dog Globe. Any of the teams I have #2-#8 have legit arguements for #2 in the state. Everyone has lost to each other or common opponents.
1- Globe (1) Undefeated.
2- Snowflake (2) Lost a game last week (Payson), but so did everyone else.
3- Safford (5) Lost to Seton, very inconsistent, but one of few teams with the talent to beat Globe.
4- Fountain Hills (3) Lost to River Valley. Drops one spot.
5- Payson (NR) Makes huge jump in beating Tuba and Snowflake. Could continue
rapid rise.
6- Sedona (7) One of the few teams that didn't suffer a loss.
7- Tuba City (4) Ahead of MV by way of two wins in head-to-head play.
8- Monument Valley (8)
9- Coolidge (6) Looking worse each week.
10- Rio Rico (9) Loss to Coolidge.
Dropped Out- Chino Valley and Alchesay (both 10)
Next in Line- Greyhills and Seton. Both these teams are hard to leave out.

2A Top Ten
More top teams suffering strange losses. Thatcher losing to Duncan, Bisbee losing to Benson, and PC losing to PCDS come to mind. We even had a new
#1.... for less than a day.
1- Valley Christian (1) By default.
2- Scottsdale Christian (2) Couldn't hold the #1.
3- Desert Christian (3) Without star post Perkins.
4- San Carlos (6) Not blowing people out, but has won two good tourneys.
5- Thatcher (4) Blowout loss to Duncan is mystefying. Doesn't drop because everyone else lost too.
6- Bisbee (7) Lost to Benson? Ouch.
7- Bourgade (9) Big win vs SC
8- Valley Sanders (10) Big win vs St Johns
9- Phoenix Christian (7) Loss to PCDS shows metro's depth.
10- St Johns (5) May have been overated to start the year.
Dropped out- Mayer
Next in Line- Mayer, Yuma Catholic, Baboquivari

1A Top Ten
The top five have remained the same for a month, and very well may stay the same until playoffs. Valley Union makes a big jump.
1- Joseph City (1) No arguement in the top 3. These three are clear-cut.
2- Fort Thomas (2) see above.
3- Life School (3) see above.
4- St David (4) Beat Greenfields in region showdown.
5- Fredonia (5) Could be better than #5 ranking.
6- St Michael (6) The north's top 3 are solid.
7- Greenfields (8) Loss to St David.
8- Elfrida Valley Union (NR) Only one region loss.
9- Salome (10) Looking better, matchup vs St Paul looms large.
10- Pima (9) The east is either incredibly balanced or vastly overated.
Dropped Out- East Fork Lutheran
Next In Line- St Pauls.
3A Top Ten
1- Globe (1) Still unbeaten.
2- Snowflake (2) Looks tough to beat with Elkins back.
3- Fountain Hills (7) Best in the west.... for now.
4- Safford (3) Lost in finals of EA Tourney.
5- Tuba City (4) Beat Holbrook, lost to Payson.
6- Coolidge (5) Beat Rio Rico, lost to Santa Cruz.
7- Sedona (8) Won the Camp Verde Tourney.
8- Monument Valley (6) Is the East better than the North?
9- Rio Rico (9) Dropped two to Coolidge and Safford.
10- (tie) Chino Valley & Alchesay (10 & 10) Alchesay lost in finals of San Carlos Tourney. Chino has already beaten Sedona, Fnt Hills awaits.
Next In Line- Payson, Barr is back in time for conference play. Beat Tuba City last week. Could move up very quickly. 
2A Top Ten
1- Valley Christian (1) Went 2-1 vs 5a teams at Norwest Tourney.
2- Scottsdale Christian (2) Won Blue Ridge Tourney.
3- Desert Christian (3) Lost to 5a #5 Mt View by 3.
4- Thatcher (4) Won EA Tourney.
5- St Johns (5) Lost in finals of their own tourney.
6- San Carlos (6) Won their own tourney.
7- Bisbee (7) Has been off.
8- Phoenix Christian (8) Came up short vs 5a teams, but played very well.
9- Bourgade (9) Same fate as PC.
10- (tie) Valley Sanders and Mayer (9 and 10) Will battle it out for the north's 2nd seed. Valley went 3-1 at St Johns tourney.
Next In Line- Baboquivari, these guys are legit. Lack of height will hurt them at state.
1A Top Ten
1- Joseph City (1) Went 2-1 at Blue Ridge Tourney.
2- Fort Thomas (2) Finished 4th at EA Tourney. 
3- Life School (3) Has been off.
4- St David (4) Has been off.
5- Fredonia (5) Results of CV Tourney unknown, but just blewout Seligman.
6- St Michael (6) Has been off.
7- East Fork Lutheran (7) Battled tough at Blue Ridge Tourney.
8- Greenfields (8) Has been off.
9- Pima (9) Has been struggling.
10- Salome (10) Has been off.
Next- St Pauls, Elfrida Valley Union
Very little, to no movement in any of the rankings. Not many games played, and many results are still unknown. Look for possible changes next Sunday after all the scores come back and more region games are played.
3A Top Ten
1- Globe (1) Undefeated
2- Snowflake (2) No games this past week
3- Safford (3) In finals of EA Tourney vs Thatcher
4- Tuba City (4) Tough week with games vs Holbrook and Payson
5- Coolidge (5) Is currently 2-2 at 5a Santa Cruz Tourney.
6- Monument Valley (6) Results of Camp Verde Tourney unknown.
7- Fountain Hills (7) No games
8- Sedona (8) Results of Camp Verde Tourney unknown
9- Rio Rico (9) Still with only one loss on the year.
10- (tie) Chino Valley and Alchesay (10 & 10)
Next in line- Holbrook, won the St Johns Tourney. Big game vs TC this week.
2a Top Ten
1- Valley Christian (1) Suffered 1st loss of year, is 2-1 at 5a tourney.
2- Scottsdale Christian (2) Has been off
3- Desert Christian (3) Lost by only 3 to 5a #5 Mt View.
4- Thatcher (4) In finals of EA Tourney vs Safford
5- St Johns (5) Lost in finals of their own tourney.
6- San Carlos (6) Little known of their tourney other than they went 2-0 in pool play.
7- Bisbee (7) Has been off
8- Phoenix Christian (8) Went only 1-3 at 5a Greenway Tourney, but very competitive.
9- Valley Sanders (9) Went 3-1 at St Johns Tourney.
10- (tie) Bourgade and Mayer (10 & 10) Bourgade played very tough against 4a/5a in the Cactus Shadows Tourney despite 1-3 record.
Next in Line- NWCC, Baboquivari and Pusch Ridge. Its about time I gave Babo a little respect.
1a Top Ten
1- Joseph City (1) Has been off
2- Fort Thomas (2) Lost in semi-finals of EA Tourney to Thatcher
3- Life School (3) Has been off
4- St David (4) Has been off
5- Fredonia (5) Results of Camp Verde Tourney unknown. 1st game was a matchup vs 2a Williams
6- St Michael (6) Has been off
7- East Fork Lutheran (7) Was in EA Tourney, complete results unknown.
8- Greenfields (8) Has been off
9- Pima (9) In the EA Tourney, complete results unknown.
10- Salome (10) Has been off
Next in Line- St Pauls, Seligman
The 1a and 2a remains somewhat steady, while the 3a is a crapshoot after Globe.
3A Top Ten
1- Globe (1) Rolled through its toughest comp in the south, Coolidge and Safford.
2- Snowflake (5) Went 2-2 at Pepsi Shootout. Gave defending 5a champ Marcos their best game of the tourney, falling by 6 after leading much of the game.
3- Safford (7) One of the most talented, and most erradic teams in the 3a. Gave Globe its closest contest of the year.
4- Tuba City (4) Won show down vs Monument Valley
5- Coolidge (3) Fleeced by Globe.
6- Monument Valley (2)
7- Fountain Hills (6) Busy week, beat Sedona and Seton.
8- Sedona (8)
9- Rio Rico (9) Keeps rolling along, looking forward to matchups vs Coolidge, Globe, and Safford.
10- (tie) Chino Valley and Alchesay (10 & NR) Both these teams have compiled impressive records over quality opponents so far.
Next in Line
Payson drops out at 6-5, but rumors of a Barr & Pettet return can make these guys into title contenders.
Dropped Out
Payson (see above)
1- Valley Christian (1) No explanation needed.
2- Scottsdale Christian (2) Still with only one loss.
3- Desert Christian (3) Loss to Bisbee doesn't set them back.... yet.
4- Thatcher (5) Coming to life after solid RV tourney.
5- St Johns (6) About equal to Thatcher.
6- San Carlos (4) Dropped region game to Thatcher, barely slipped by Duncan. Hosts own tourney next.
7- Bisbee (8) Blownout by 3a Rio Rico at Benson tourney.
8- Phoenix Christian (7)
9- Valley Sanders (9) Won't be challenged on the Rez now that Pinon is done.
10- Mayer and Bourgade (10 & 10) Mayer escapes with 2 point win over St Gregory.
Next in Line
NWCC, St Gregory and Pusch Ridge are all quality teams that could find themselves ranked during the year.
Dropped out
1- Joseph City (1) Dismantled main region foe Fredonia.
2- Fort Thomas (2) Run and gun is still unbeaten.
3- Life School (3) Will go unchallenged in the west.
4- St David (4) Leseuer and Wood back, in finals of Benson tourney.
5- Fredonia (5) Played tough against JC for a half.
6- St Michael (6) Could sneak ahead of Fredonia in the north.
7- East Fork Lutheran (9) Gave Fort Thomas their best game of the year. Also impressively battled ranked 3a Alchesay.
8- Greenfields (7) Has no comp in the south other than St David.
9- Pima (8) Inconsistent play in backcourt has been a problem. Still as dangerous as anyone though.
10- Salome (10) Hanging by the hair of their.... Playing a little better of late. Still the favorite for #2 in the west.
Next in Line
St Pauls and Seligman. Another win vs Salome will do it for St P. Seligman needs to beat one of the north's big three (JC, Fredonia, St M's). 
Dropped Out

As you can see, things have really been shaken up. These tourneys have definately changed the views I have toward some squads. There have been a few dissapointments and a lot of surprises. Maybe we'll get a little stability in the top 10's after Xmass time.
3A TOP TEN (last week in parenthesis)
1- Globe (1) Won their own tourney by beating Miami by 40 in the final.
2- Monument Valley (5) Definately has to be the fav in the north. Has beaten both Page and Chinle, teams that TC lost to.
3- Coolidge (6) Desepite the huge loss of seniors, this team keeps on rolling.
4- Tuba City (2) The talent is there, but will they put it together?
5- Snowflake (3) Is still without Elkins, but has dropped some games to the smallball not-so-elite (Baboquivari, Chino Valley, Alchesay)
6- Fountain Hills (8) These guys can play. Their last two losses where to Coolidge (by 4) and to top five 4a Independence by 4.
7- Safford (4) Dropped three games at the RV Tourney. Could have lost a 4th but 3rd place game vs Thatcher was canceled.
8- Sedona (7) Not giving up on them, but got waxed by 13 to Chino Valley.
9- Rio Rico (10) Only one loss on the year. These guys are playing great.
10- (tie) Payson and Chino Valley (9 & NR) Payson has really done nothing to show they cannot hang with the elite 3a teams. Chino is coming off a huge week. They beat powers Mayer, Snowflake and Sedona.
1- Valley Christian (1) Won the RV Tourney, winning champ game by 30.
2- Scottsdale Christian (2)
3- Desert Christian (3) Blowout win vs Ray could preview D1/C4 1st round playoff matchup.
4- San Carlos (7) Is still undefeated, won the Alchesay tourney a few weeks back.
5- Thatcher (5) Faired well at the RV tourney. Lost a coin flip for 3rd place with Safford
6- St Johns (4) About dead even with Thatcher. Still shaking off football rust.
7- Phoenix Christian (8) Big week knocking off metro foes NWCC and Bourgade.
8- Bisbee (10) Only loss was to Mexican team, Colonial Juarez.
9- Valley Sanders (NR) Won Williams tourney. Right now they look like a sure bet to beat Mayer.
10- (tie) Mayer and Bourgade (9 & 6) Mayer desperately needs to find one more scorer, or could lose to Valley Sanders in the north. Bourgade lost both to PC and NWCC last week. Has too much talent to drop back-to-back metro games.
1- Joseph City (1)- Keeps chugging along. Still has only lost to 2a #2 SC.
2- Fort Thomas (2) Undefeated still. Will be playing in the Eastern Az/Safford tourney.
3- Life School (3) Went 3-1 at RV tourney.
4- St David (4) Is playing in the Benson tourney.
5- Fredonia (5) Went 3-1 at Williams tourney
6- St Michael (9)
7- Greenfields (7) Killed region foe Tohono by 40, lost to 2a #3 DC by 30. Game vs St D's in a few weeks could pave road for rest of season.
8- Pima (8) Played in the Globe tourney, looked decent, but dropped contests to mediocre 2a squads Tombstone and Miami.
9- East Fork Lutheran (10) High scoring. Lost a 89-85 shootout to Fort Thomas.
10- Salome (6) Last chance for these guys....



1- Globe (1) Won the Ames Ford Shootout.
2- Tuba City (2) Runnerup at Ames Ford
3- Snowflake (3)
4- Safford (4) Undefeated, coming off big win vs Thatcher
5- Monument Valley (5) Faring well at Flagstaff Pepsi Shootout
6- Coolidge (6)
7- Sedona (8) Runner up at Boyd Baker
8- Fountain Hills (10)
9- Payson (7) Good even w/o Barr and Pettet
10- Rio Rico (x)
Next in line-
Dropped out-

1- Valley Christian (1)
2- Scottsdale Christian (2) Won PCDS Tourney. Loss to PRCA an aberation.
3- Desert Christian (3)
4- St Johns (4)
5- Thatcher (5) 0-3 start, but to murders row of Coolidge, Safford, and DC.
6- Bourgade (6) Battled with VC
7- San Carlos (9)
8- Phoenix Christian (7)
9- Mayer (8) Soriano averaging 30+ ppg
10- Bisbee (x) Beating teams by ave of 30+
Next in Line-
Valley Sanders
Dropped Out-

1- Joseph City (1) Only loss was to SC
2- Fort Thomas (3)
3- Life School (5) Undefeated thus far
4- St David (2) Won't be at full strength for Benson Tourney
5- Fredonia (7)
6- Salome (4) Waxed by SC
7- Greenfields (6) Has stumbled of late
8- Pima (8)
9- St Michael (9)
10- East Fork Lutheran (X)
Next in Line-
Dropped Out-

24-7 Football Top Stories