Bottom Line: Jourdan Grandon

This week 24-7's Jeff Stroud and Jason Jewell go toe to toe breaking down the game of Avondale Westview QB/DB Jourdan Grandon.

Each week 24-7's Jeff Stroud and Jason Jewell will go toe to toe breaking down some of the top players in Arizona prep football.  Here is the rule, we watch the tape them give our take. No discussion until the story is posted.  Sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree.  Here is the take on Westview's very talented QB/DB Jourdan Grandon.

Jeff's Take

I'm biased, but the old defensive coach in me always comes out when I see an athletic QB because the first thing I think is safety.   Why not? As a QB Jourdan is used to seeing the whole picture, which is what you ask a safety to do.  Also, as a running QB, he can take a hit and give a hit.  Finally, I like the cool and poise he shows as a quarterback which also transfers nicely to the safety position.  By the way, all these skills I just mentioned allowed Jourdan to compile over 2,000 yards of total offense while leading his Westview squad the state championship game.

 Looking at his tape as a cornerback for Westview, I was first drawn to his size.  He is 6-2 and has very long arms which put him in a position to make plays while locked in man coverage.  His four picks, two of which he took back for TDs, show this playmaking ability.  He is aggressive and uses his hands well in coverage. I also liked his ability to tackle in the open field, especially on the corner.  Miss a tackle, the other team scores.  His time as a corner augments his potential abilities as a college safety in that he will be comfortable in man and zone and should be able to cover a slot one on one depending on the coverage.  Also, he has good hips and moves comfortably from back pedal to run. 

Jourdan, will have a big senior season on both sides of the ball for Westview and will put up strong numbers as a quarterback and many schools would do well to recruit him at that position, but I feel his greatest success in college could come playing in the defensive backfield.

Jason's Take

I remember first watching Grandon in his first ever varsity start as a sophomore versus Mesa High when Lizarraga went down and thought then that he could be a special player. I still think that today. Grandon is a very talented high school football player that stands out on both sides of the ball.

Having watched Grandon play several times, I feel he is more of an athlete playing quarterback. Not saying he couldn't play QB at the next level, because I think he could in the right system. One thing is for sure, he is not a drop back QB. He does have decent arm strength but needs work on his release. The best part of his game offensively is the matchup problems he can create with his feet. He is pretty shifty and could fit in a zone read or option offense.

But I really think Grandon will end up playing defense in college. Portland State has early offered and I expect him to get a lot more rolling in. The first thing that stands out to me is his size, at nearly 6-0 and 185 pounds, Grandon has the size to match up with big receivers. While he has good size, he also has good speed, not great but good and more than adequate enough to be a major college recruit. Grandon is physical, breaks on the ball, will go up and get it and tackles well. I also think he is versatile enough to play safety.

All signs point to Westview's Jourdan Grandon being one of Arizona's top DB prospects.




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