Bottomline: Cy Maughmer

24-7's Jason Jewell and Jeff Stroud go toe to toe breaking down Apache Junction DT Cy Maughmer.

24-7's Jeff Stroud and Jason Jewell go toe to toe breaking down some of the top players in Arizona prep football.  Here is the rule, we watch the tape them give our take. No discussion until the story is posted.  Sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree. This week we take a look at Apache Junction defensive tackle Cy Maughmer.

Jeff's Take

I love squatty body DTs with wrestling backgrounds.  They are perfect for eating up blocks and letting backers make the plays.  6-1 290 pound defensive tackle/noseguard Cy Maughmer of Apache Junction fits this bill, but he is not just a one trick pony.  Due, I assume, to his wrestling background, Maughmer has a good first step and plays with solid leverage and pad level.  I especially appreciate how he gets after offensive linemen, often popping them back at the point of contact.  Along with the power game, Maughmer has a good motor for a big man and uses his hands well, throwing swims and rips in pass rush situations.  Maughmer also handles double teams, not only holding ground, but working down the line and eventually defeating double teams, making the play or allowing others to make the play.

The primary weakness I noticed in Maughmer's game was at times he gets lazy and plays a little high. This is due to the fact that he is used to being one of, if not the strongest player in the trenches.  At the next level, where he will be the same size, if not smaller than everyone else, this would be a fatal error. 

Maughmer holds a D1 offer from Air Force which I feel is right on.  Mountain West or Western Athletic Conference is right in his wheelhouse as far as ability level.  I especially like his prospects as a nose in a 3-4 defensive alignment.

Jason's Take

Big strong player is very tough against the run.  Only stands 6-1, but is a thick 290 pounds.  Many people think you need to be 6-4 to play on the line, but that is simply not true.  Shorter DTs like Maughmer use their lack of height to their advantage by being able to gain leverage on OLs.

Like I state above, Cy is very tough against the run.  Pass rush is not his game, but that does not mean he will not be an active part in it, he just won't be the speed DT harassing the QB.  He is going to collapse the pocket for DEs to make the sack.

I also love Maughmer's motor.  He is very active and plays hard.  a few areas he could improve on are his pad level and hands.  He tends to stand up and give OLs his chest.  He is able to get away with it at the high school level because he is bigger and stronger than opposing OLs.  One area he has no control over, is his arm length.  He can't magically grow arms down to his knees.  Long arms are beneficial to DLs because it allows them to gain separation.  

Maughmer has an offer from Air Force and I expect him to get many more offers.  OLs and DLs are two of the most heavily recruited positions and schools are sure to come after Maughmer. 


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