Men in the Trenches: Dobson

Who stoodout at the recent Men in the Trenches Dobson camp, a full contact OL/DL clinic?

Everyone know that the offensive and defensive lines are the heart and soul of an good football team. It would be those same crazy hogs surviving the heat for week to become better football players.

The following players took part in the Men in the Trenches Dobson camp a few weeks ago:

Nick Acuna- JR- Fairfax
Josh Armour- SO- Desert Vista
Isak Broadhead- FR- DV
Austin Castillo- SO- DV
Jacob Davis- SO- Fairfax
Jeff Dielman- SO- DV
Melvin Dwight- SO- Fairfax
Daniel Floyd- SR- Seton Catholic
Sam Foreman- SR- Highland
Zack Frazier- SR- Highland
Cheston Gresham- JR- Fairfax
Courtney Harney- SR- Highland
Martin Hernandez- JR- Fairfax
Nick Leutenegger- SO- DV
Tyler Lopez- SR- Seton
Justin Magnus- JR- Seton
Kevin McDonald- JR- Seton
Mark Mingura- JR- Highland
Grant Parker- JR- Highland
Thomas Perez- FR- Highland
Sunia Pupua- JR- Fairfax
Jordan Raising- SO- Fairfax
Trevon Reagan- SO- Fairfax
Alek Rosic- JR- Shadow Mountain
Chip Sarafin- SR- Highland
Jaymes Sickmeller- JR- Seton
Thomas Tessier- JR- Seton
Chris Towns- JR- Fairfax
Matt Vail- SR- Coconino
Kurt Van Degraaff- SR- Highland
Alex Yanez- SR- Highland
Martin Yontz- SO- DV

The general consensus was that Chip Sarafin, Sunia Pupoa and Kevin McDonald were the top three players at the camp.

Sarafin, a senior, is a massive prospect. He is at least 6-5 and well over 300 pounds. He is still raw but has some tools to work with. Very long arms and uncoachable size. Reports over a 4.0 GPA. Looks like a D2 type player now but if he works hard he could go to a junior college and be a D1 candidate.

Pupoa is a very thick and strong DT prospect that will only be headed into his junior year. He stands about 6-1 280 and the staff said he was unblockable all week.

Seton's McDonald may have been the best technician of the bunch. He does not have ideal size, standing just about 6-0 but he is thick through the trunk, which helps him keep a good base. He too will be a junior and one to watch on Seton's OL.

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