Added features: CrashTheBoards & Chat Room!

We have added some features, upgraded our Game Day Chat Room and .....

Crash The Boards added Features: Private topics:  My Space and notifications.  Be sure to explore your MY SPACE button on your menu bar in Crash The Boards.  many features including inviting a friend or contact to a private topic.  Notifications if someone invites you, plus your custom subscriptions.  Very cool features, and take your time exploring, there are surprises around every corner!
NOTE:  Many of you have signed up for multiple Crash The Boards Email accounts.  Please email me if you are planning on NOT using one or two of them.  Email me please!  We have had a huge response, and want to make sure a username is in use, if not let someone else have dibs on it!:)  (I have not used the word Dibs in decades!) Game Day Chat:  I upgraded our chat room so there should be no mo problems.  Plan on visiting the Chat Room everynight after the games so we can get the low down on scores, highlights etc.....the link for the room in on the left: or click GAME DAY CHAT
Have fun, and email me with any questions: Email Coach T
Coach T
To register for Crash The Boards you must use a working email address.  You have to verify the address with a welcome email to your listed email account.  To post on the boards, this must be verified.  If you are having problems posting, this is why. You can re-register.  Email me at and I will delete your non-working username so you can re-register the same name if you want. adds new forums!
The Locker Room will now be home to our NBA, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, ASU & U of A Basketball & Football Forums. NAU & Grand Canyon University.  Also our Job board located in the locker room!
Yes CrashTheBoards is getting so big, we had to give it it's own Address:   If interested in becoming a Moderator for our new forums e-mail me at
Thanks and enjoy Crash The Boards!
We have an exciting announcement regarding Crash The Boards.  We have added the top of the line message boards system (the Rolls Royce of boards) and will be switching over today.  I realize change is not always good ( especially in mid-season) but we now own the boards and we want to get it active heading into the playoffs. 
We will be adding features to Crash The Boards in the coming months that will provide all of us tools to make our Arizona Prep Sports website simply the best. The ability to upload pictures, game highlights and more.
We all have the goal to make PrepAZ and Crash The Boards the place to go for Arizona Prep Sports.  The added features and future addition will make that happen.
New features include private hoop discussions with your Moderators, other members etc.  Plus many more exciting features that will only help bring Arizona Prep Basketball, and other sports the attention it deserves!
I will continue to make all content free this season and with no cost for Crash The Boards we can sit back and relax, and build our community to generate thousands of fans accross the State and US.
We are currently attracting between 3 and 4 thousand visitors a day, and the reason is you and your dedication to help AZ high school sports.
The link for our new community is:
Please register your user name today. PLEASE REGISTER UNDER SAME NAME!
Check out the new features (there are many).  I anticipate some visitors will not like the change.  But in the long run, our new system will be awesome, as we grow to accommodate thousands of fans a day!
Thanks again for your efforts, and remember, this board is yours as well, so if you have any suggestions please e-mail me at
Be sure to tell all your teammates, fans and coaches about & Crash The Boards!
Thanks again,
Coach T
Gary Trousdale

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