VC re-loading in 2004!

Grace Community Christian Patriots Vs Scottsdale Christian Eagles. Last night I ventured out for my Pre-Small Ball fix and what I saw was a re-load of a.....

Not one to promote Junior high players (I won't ever again) but this was good...

Last night I ventured out to another packed house.  Not Desert Vista, Marcos, Mt. Pointe or even Tuba City for that matter.  I checked out the Metro Junior High finals at Grace Community Church.  Grace vs Scottsdale Christian. PACKED!

What I walked away with was VC is re-loading in 2004, and the Metro Junior High league has some ballers.  Grace won the game 59 -39. Grace finished with a 17-0 record. The future VC stars won the  Christmas Grand Canyon Jr high tourney with wins over Estrella Jr high ( feeder school for Trevor Browne or Maryvale) Isaac Jr High (Carl Hayden feeder) and Championship over Cocapah 37-35 (feeder for Chaparral in Scotsdale that had been undefeated in Scottsdale Jr high league.They had front line of  6'4",6'2" and 6'1"!

In 4 years these guys will be cutting the 2A nets down if they stick together.  They can play!
Scoring of game last night went like this:

SC -   Van Weelden(tough hard nose PG who will help carry on the winning tradition for SCA) 7 pt,Friend (curly haird long range bomber)7 pt, Siwek 13pts, Mc Cutcheon 3pts, De Benidetto 8 pts.

For Valley Christian (I mean Grace Community ;) )Garrett Lever (Fats son, who might not end up at VC)8 pts, Corey Botma (Lefty who can bomb the 3)4 pts, Eric Hollebeek 10 pts, Joseph West (Tim Kruge who?)10 pts, Kevin Dunn 12 pts, Cole Hanenburg ( off the bench) 8 pts .

Great game watching these future Prep Stars, and seeing the VC & SCA (Varsity) coaches protecting their territory!

Grace coach Mark De Jong as well as the SC Coach do a great job and the atomosphere was big time hoops.

Well I am off to the VC -SCA Big Boys game, so look for my recap later tonight!

Congrats to Grace and enjoy the pub!  Coz no mo promoting the youngsters on


Coach T

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