Small Ball Women's 2004 Preview.

2004 Small Ball Women's Preview.



2004 3A Preseason Top Five

1 - Round Valley - best player back, can they stay hungry?
2 - Seton - Always a top team.  Wirth will be a star.
3 - Monument Valley - Great program, Great coach
4 - Tuba City - a constant
5 - Ganado / Winslow - the North is still where it's at.

On the rise - the East - RV, Snowflake and Payson lookin good
Slipping - the South - Globe & Safford will struggle
Sleepers - Queen Creek returns a nice crew. Grey Hills, Hopi, and Holbrook

could win the West

Top Players - LeSueur (RV) and Wirth (Seton) will dominate the 3A

Region Champs N-MV,  S-Seton,  W-Chino Valley,  E-Round Valley

2004 2A Preseason Top Five

1 - Valley Christian - Ekstrand back, this will be their year
2 - Scottsdale Christian - Woudenberg will take them far
3 - Thatcher - still the team to beat, Smith & Romney to step up
4 - NWCC - Teberg and Underwood are tough
5 - St Johns - only 3 players graduate - great program

On the rise - Hard to tell, but the 2A will have a new champ
Slipping - Easier to tell, the South's trio will be way down and a western

team may even break in.  DC, PRC, and Tombstone will have to fight.
Sleepers - PC and Valley Lutheran will make the Metro tough. Morenci will

Top Players - Woudenberg & Ekstrand are awesome.  Smith & Romney will lead

Thatcher.  Curtis (Miami) is for real.

Region Champs - N-St Johns,  S-DC,  C-Thatcher,  M-VC

2004 1A Preseason Top Five

1 - St Michael - returns a team that would be 2A top five and 3A top ten
2 - Fredonia - Lose only two contributors.
3 - Pima - Losing great group, but proven winner
4 - Green Fields - Barnes will be a star
5 - Duncan - Decent returning group going to 1A

On the rise - St. Michael should finnaly live up to expectations
Slipping - it's tempting to say the East every year and then they put all

three teams in the semis.  Duncan may help that happen again.  Jo City has

underachieved and now will lose an incredible group.
Sleepers - watch out for Ajo & Salome.  Even Clifton will improve.

Top Players - Nez, Askie, and Aguirre are as good a trio as anyone has
1A-3A.  Bundy and Hardy (Fredonia) are great.  Barnes (GF) and Norton (Pima)

will be solid.

Region Champs -  N-St Michael,  S-Green Fields,  E-Pima,  W-Salome


Final Top Ten and Post-Season Honors for Small Ball Girls:

1-Round Valley - historic season
2-Seton - just keep winning
3-Monument Valley - just short this season
4-Winslow - Petro just wins
5-Ganado - great finish
6-Tuba City - championship tested
7-Snowflake - the east made a big jump
8-Payson - part of nice east showing at state
9-Globe - south took a hit at state
10-Safford - still had a nice season

3A Players of the Year:
LeSueur (jr) Round Valley - magical tital game
Wirth (so) Seton - the next big thing

3A Coach of the Year:
Mathews - Round Valley

1-Thatcher - get 'em next year if you're going to at all
2-Valley Christian - as good a program as AZ has
3-San Carlos - super season / unfortunate injuries
4-St Johns - consistent winners
5-Scottsdale Christian - watch out
6-Pusch Ridge - great finish
7-Tombstone - capable of beating anyone
8-Duncan - moving down to 1A
9-NWCC - Metro always a force
10-Desert Christian - finished well - still better than San Manuel

2A Players of the Year:
Woudenberg (so) Scottsdale Christian - again, watch out
Victor (sr) San Carlos

2A Coach of the Year:
Terry Antonio - San Carlos - no one expected what the Braves did

1-Pima - six-straight double-digit tournament wins & Bryce
2-Cibecue - What a finish in second AIA season
3-St Michael - a mystery the last two tournaments
4-Jo City - so tough - underachieved
5-Valley Union - over-achieved in break-through season
6-St David - a 2004 front-runner
7-Green Fields - capable of beating anyone
8-Fredonia - was the North over-rated?
9-Salome - played Green Fields tough
10-East Fork - still able to beat slew of state teams

1A Player of the Year:
Bonnie Bryce (sr) Pima - most accomplished player 1A - 3A

1A Coach of the Year:
Ty Peterson - Valley Union - VU played better than they were

2004 Front Runners

3A - Round Valley and Seton for a while
2A - VC and SC down to the wire
1A - Duncan to 1A, St Michael returns a 3A state team

Sleepers: Never count out the 3A North or the defending champs from the Gila Valley


Pre-State Tournament Top Tens

1-Monument Valley (North 1 says it all)
2-Round Valley (on a mission)
3-Seton (shame they must play RV in semis)
4-Winslow (slight drop due to regionals)
5-Ganado (big jump for regional showing)
6-Globe (finishing strong - Stienke rules)
7-Safford (still a danger)
8-Tuba City (maybe should be higher - still the champ)
9-Holbrook (shame that the west gets 4 spots)
10-Snowflake (could surprise)

1-Thatcher (just by a hair - still the champs)
2-San Carlos (Copper 2 - tough schedule)
3-St Johns (could win it all)
4-Valley Christian (peaking)
5-Pusch Ridge (Sheppard back - South champs)
6-Tombstone (not many weaknesses)
7-Duncan (on the rise - two point loss to Thatcher)
8-Williams (also on the rise with nice finish)
9-Scottsdale Christian (may not get out of first round)
10-NWCC (early exit)

1-Pima (no 1A losses - tough schedule)
2-St Michael (ran away with the North - Nez is awesome)
3-Jo City (peaking - Fish is a force)
4-St David (always a threat)
5-Cibecue (coming on strong)
6-Fredonia (faltered in regionals - Hardy can shoot)
7-Green Fields (injury could mean early out)
8-Valley Union (a sleeper - great coaching)
9-East Fork (still better than 4 state teams)
10-Ajo (lost to the Fort but we'll give them the nod)



1 - Winslow (the top 3 is a toss-up, but I'll go with Petro)
2 - Seton Catholic (this may be their year)
3 - Monument Valley (I know they've all beaten each other (anyone's guess)
4 - Round Valley (has rolled since the summer)
5 - Tuba City (still a force until they are gone)
6 - Globe (6-10 could be any order - Stienke is a force)
7 - Safford (split with Globe - currently South 2 - solid)
8 - Holbrook (beat Globe early - maybe should be higher)
9 - Payson (having solid season)
10 - Pick 'em - Blue Ridge, Queen Creek, Ganado,the rest of the North?


1 - Thatcher (top dog 'til someone proves otherwise - has beaten most of the
top ten)
2 - San Carlos (split with Thatcher - having awesome season)
3 - Valley Christian (ready to make another serious run)
4 - St Johns (as good as anyone - well tested)
5 - Tombstone (Collett is for real - lurking in the shadows)
6 - Pusch Rid

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