flmGEEk has a take on DareDevil.

Take a break from the State Championship tounament, and check out flmGEEks take on DareDevil. He's crazy, stubborn and a pain in the you know what.......



In Hollywood's never ending search for things that we have already seen before I present to you Ben Affleck in Daredevil. We'll start here with what passes for plot and then I'll explain to you why you should wait until video…on a day when you're running a fever and mom has given you lots of cold medicine.

The Daredevil himself is Max Murdock, a lawyer who as a child was blinded by radioactive waste that also enhanced his remaining senses. So much so in fact that his hearing acts as a sort of radar, allowing him to swing from building to building and fight like an extra from The Matrix. Jennifer Garner (TV's Alias) plays Elektra Natchios, a hot chick who can kick ass (all us boys like those girls don't we?). Unfortunately for Elektra, her daddy (Erick Avari channeling F. Murray Abraham) is mixed up with Wilson Fisk (Michael Clarke Duncan of The Whole Nine Yards and The Green Mile) who is also known as The Kingpin, as in the Kingpin of all the crime in New York City. Daddy wants out, Kingpin hires Bullseye (up and comer Colin Farrell from Minority Report) to kill him and Bullseye does. Daredevil isn't real happy with that, much fighting ensues.

Yes friends, that's the plot. It has been rumored that as many as seven writers were brought in to polish the Daredevil script. Seven. And this is what they came up with. Bravo gentleman, for your next trick could write me one about a man from Nantucket? But to be honest when I walked into Daredevil I wasn't expecting Shakespeare, I just wanted some cool stunts, some tight clothes on the lovely Ms. Garner, and a couple of good one liners. I got the tight clothes (and it was almost enough).

The real problem with Daredevil isn't in the movie, it's in the marketing campaign. If they had just told me it was a remake of Spiderman, I would have enjoyed it much more. From the opening credit sequence the movie lifts from Spiderman liberally, and when it's not biting that hit from last year, throw in liberal doses of The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Charlie's Angels, and of course the granddaddy of all comic book adaptations, Batman (yes Hollywood, we the audience are all now very aware of the fact that when our superhero main character is sitting on a ledge high above the city BETWEEN TWO MENACING LOOKING GARGOYLES that he is a dark brooding character who probably has a deep dark secret).

I'm not saying most action films are that original but…well let me finish with an example. Those of you who've seen Spiderman, remember the shot where the Green Goblin is throwing pumpkins at Spiderman and he jumps up and flips out of the way of the three or four pumpkins? Well, if you don't, go see Daredevil because the exact same shot is in this movie. Not the same scene, or the same kinda thing, but the exact same shot. From behind, Daredevil flipping and jumping out of the way. It's this kind of brilliant vision that is going to make director Mark Steven Johnson a hot commodity in Hollywood. All hail to the defender of things bland and unoriginal everywhere, Daredevil.

End of line.


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