baseballguru joins! announces the addition of our own baseballguru! Covering MLB & the D-Backs, BG will be a wacky addition to Crash The Boards....

CrashTheBoards has it's own baseballguru!

Covering MLB and the D-Backs, this obnoxious Mod will provide many a controversy on Crash The Boards!  Please welcome baseballguru!


Hello friends and neighbors,
   Soon a few select teams will raise trophies at AWA and the high school hoops season will be done for another year.  Don't fret though, off in the not so distant future I hear the snap of a ball into a mitt and the crack of a ball hitting pine (or in Barry's case maple).  Yes my friends, it's once again baseball season. I'm here to give insite and opinion on the National Pastime and hopefully start some intense debates.  I've loved the game (Pro) and the Red Sox (also Pro) for nearly 30 years.  Now I know my Sox have always been the Jan to the Yankees Marcia, but I'm a sucker for New England teams (and that didn't work out too badly two years ago in the Super Bowl did it Raider/Rams fans?). Hopefully with some luck and a nod from the Gods (a 1st baseman and a 3rd starter would be a start) I'll a World Series banner hung in Beantown before I die.     Much as I like to I can't promise you that, but I will promise you three things in the weeks to come.  First, I will present my five best baseball movies of all time.  I'm not talking about the quality of the movies (I'm not trying to step on flmGEEk's toes, if you'd smelled them, you'd know enough to stay away).  Instead I'll be rating the movies on the quality of baseball played, and the how seamless the baseball is incorporated into the movie. Second, I'll have a complete and comprehensive breakdown of all six divisions in the MLB, and yes, I'll give special attention to your D'Backs.  Third, and most important (right CoachT?), I'll be giving you spirited (sometimes mean spirited) banter on my forum about what's right, what's wrong, and what's just baseball, about baseball.  Come join the party, it lasts until October. until my next first pitch

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