1A Super All-State!

1A Super All-State 2003 Men.

Guard- Stratton Solomon, 5-9, Joseph City
   Quite simply, the best guard in the 1a. Can do it all- pass, dribble, drive, D up. Solomon graduates as a two time all state pick.
Guard- Gary Fenn, 5-10, St David
   The go to guy, and really the only scoring threat on semi-finalist St David. Fenn is a three year starter and a two time all region pick. This year he follows Bowdie Gill has the south player of the year.
Wing- Mike Way, 6-0, Fort Thomas
   A man that came from no where to lead the powerfull Fort Thomas Apaches to the state's #2 spot for most of the year. An excellent outside shooter, he scored about 20 ppg this year.
Post- Danny Clougherty, 6-6, Life School
   Although his season ended in dissapointment with losses to Salome and Joseph City, no other post can match his stats. He had to have led the state in triple-doubles.
Post- Dustin Fish, 6-6, Joseph City
   The best big man I have seen in all of my years at the 1a level. A terrific all-around game. There really isn't anything he cannot do, and in my opinion, has a great chance of playing college ball.
Sixth Man- Theus Tenjjieth, 5-10, East Fork Lutheran
   Could be the best PG in the 1a next year. A very offensive minded player with a deadly outside shot. He scored over 20 ppg this year. Will be back next year to lead EFL.
1a Player of the Year (Co)- Dustin Fish and Stratton Solomon
   When there are two players of these guys caliber on the same team, its really hard to pick one, especially when these guy's names have been synomynous with Joseph City for the past two years.. They are the two best players at the 1a level- the best guard and the best post. While I think Fish is more dominant and has a much better chance at making the next level, can anyone argue that Solomon's floor leadership and running of the team wasn't the main reason for JC's dominant season?
Guard- Theus Tenijieth, 5-10, East Fork Lutheran
Guard- Marvin Dona, 5-11, Fort Thomas
Wing- Mike Way, 6-0, Fort Thomas
Post- Ricky Varela, 6-1, Clifton
Post- Bobby Pruszwinsky, 6-2, Pima
Sixth Man- Olajuwon Pusher, 6-0, East Fork Lutheran
Region Player of the Year- Mike Way, Fort Thomas
Guard- Stratton Solomon, 5-9, Joseph City
Guard- Josh Wentzloff, 6-0, Ash Fork
Wing- Richard Alvarado, 6-0, Seligman
Post- Dustin Fish, 6-6, Joseph City
Post- Justin Johnson, Fredonia, 6-4, Fredonia
Sixth Man- JC Bushman, 6-1, Joseph City 
Region Player of the Year- Dustin Fish and Stratton Solomon, Joseph City
Guard- Gary Fenn, 5-10, St David
Guard- Brian Halbach, 5-11, Greenfields
Wing- Philip LeSeuer, 5-11, St David
Post- John Sabochick, 6-6, Greenfields
Post- Carlos Yanez, 6-1, Ajo
Sixth Man- Blake Masters, 6-2, Greenfields
Region Player of the Year- Gary Fenn, St David
Guard- Nate Mudick, 5-11, Life School
Guard- Miguel Iniguez, 5-8, Salome
Wing- Mike Rorbeck, 6-2, St Pauls
Post- Danny Clougherty, 6-6, Life School
Post- Jesus Carbello, 6-2, Salome
Sixth Man- Justin Grigsby, 5-11, PDSD
Region Player of the Year- Danny Clougherty, Life School

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