2A Super All-State!

2A Super All-State 2003 Men.

2A SUPER ALL-STATE (all heights are team's listings)
Guard- Paul Hardiman, 6-0, Valley Christian
   The man who made the back-to-back champs go. The Round Valley Tournament MVP was VC's leader this past year and did what he was expected to- lead VC to another crown.
Guard- Angel Encinas, 5-11, Bisbee
   The returning 2a south region player of the year. No 2a guard has better floor vision or has the ability to make his teammates better. The consumate floor general.
Wing- Alex Rogers, 6-4, Scottsdale Christian
   The best all-around game in the 2a? Rogers has it all- a great outside shot, ball handling, passing, and height. He often stands as tall as opponents post players. The junior will be the metro's headline player next year.
Post- Tim Kruge, 6-8, Valley Christian
   The best 2a post ever? In my opinion, the man that set a VC record for scoring 45 points in a game, is definately the best I have seen.
Post- Stephen Soriano, 6-5, Mayer
   The man's numbers were phenominal this year. Nearly 30 points and over 15 boards a game. While Soriano's gaudy numbers sparked debate, his talents on the floor were never in question.
Sixth Man- Richard Ruiz, 6-1, Thatcher
   The man that made Thatcher go this year. The senior carried on the Thatcher tradition of all-region PG's, and led Thatcher to yet another AWA appearence.
2A Player of the Year- Tim Kruge, Valley Christian
   Kruge is simply the best player on the past two state champions. He is the best bigman to play at the 2a level in at least the past decade (as far as my knowledge goes). Some may have had better numbers, but no one is as dominant or strikes as much fear in an opponent. Kruge is also known for playing his best against top competition- as those who saw him in the 5a Greenway tourney and against SC will attest.
Guard- Richard Ruiz, 6-1, Thatcher
Guard- Johnny Neal, 6-0, Florence
Wing- John Lewis, 5-11, San Carlos
Post- Tony Scroggins, 6-3, Thatcher
Post- Eric Rodriguez, 6-1, Duncan
Sixth Man- Stephen Olgas, 5-11, Morenci
Region Player of the Year- Richard Ruiz
Guard- Angel Encinas, 5-11, Bisbee
Guard- Skylar Cook, 6-0, Pusch Ridge Christian
Wing- Alex Janssen, 6-1, Desert Christian
Post- Eric Cuenn, 6-4, Yuma Catholic
Post- Ryan Stainsby, 6-9, Desert Christian
Sixth Man- Jeff Juan, 6-2, Baboquivari
Region Player of the Year- Angel Encinas, Bisbee
Guard- Paul Hardiman, 6-0, Valley Christian
Guard- Josh Sazdanoff, 5-11, Scottsdale Christian
Wing- Alex Rogers, 6-4, Scottsdale Christian
Post- Tim Kruge, 6-8, Valley Christian
Post- Seth Robinson, 6-5, Phoenix Christian
Sixth Man- Rick Hoffman, 6-0, NWCC
Region Player of the Year- Tim Kruge, Valley Christian
Guard- Jermaine Francis, 5-10, Valley Sanders
Guard- Dustin Patterson, 6-3, St Johns
Wing- Ardell Watchman, 6-4, Valley Sanders
Post- Stephen Soriano, 6-5, Mayer
Post- Adam Patterson, 6-4, St Johns
Sixth Man- Jermaine Chee, 6-2, Pinon
Region Player of the Year- Stephen Soriano, Mayer

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