Arizona Cagers adds Prep Teams!

Still shopping around for a quality club? Here is an option. The Arizona Cagers. Develop as a player first, compete second in the Arizona Cagers. We will play in all the National Tournaments, but we will elevate your game first!

Arizona Cagers adds High School Division!

Look for all the 411 Thursday March 13.  And plan on attending our first practice/tryout this weekend!

The Arizona Cagers is adding a Prep Division for the 2003 Club Basketball Season.  Previously partnered with the Arizona Heat, We feel this is in the best interest of the Arizona Cagers Basketball Club.  Our affiliation with the Heat has been mutually agreed upon to part seperate ways.

The Arizona Cagers will have all level teams! Seniors 03, Juniors 03 & Sophs 03.

To join the Arizona Cagers Prep Divison, fill out a contact form and look for all the info this Thursday!  To join, go to the registration page.

Look for our Tournament Schedule this weekend.

If your a High School player, and wish to become a member of a Basketball Club that will develop you as a player, and compete against the best competition, come join us!

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