Westview v. Willow Canyon

The Knightts start 2010 on the right foot with a 35-7 win over Willow Canyon on Cox 7


In the second game of the 2010 season, Willow Canyon and Westview went head to head on Cox 7 Thursday night. In typical week 1 fashion, there were plenty of turnovers and penalties but Westview rebounded and ran away with a 35-7 win.

It took just a few plays for Westview to get on the board. DB Robert Mendez picked off Jordon Stangler and took it to the house for an early 7-0 lead.

The next series...same result. INT for Guillermo Cuevas, Westview ball and a few plays later sophomore RB Seivion Morris raced in from 46 yards out. 14-0 Westview just a few minutes into the 1st quarter.

Interceptions were the theme of the 1st half as each team traded one more a piece but neither resulted in points.

The Knights added one more score in the first half when star RB Jordan Champion scored from 36 yards out. 21-0 at the half.

Willow Canyon started the second half taking advantage of a turnover of their own. A bad QB-center exchange recovered by the Wildcats resulted in their first points of the night. Garrick Shelton plowed through defenders from 23 yards out to cut the lead to 21-7.

Westview matched with another Champion TD run, this one from 42 yards out. Mendez got his second INT of the night and WV put up more points when QB Blake Hahn hit Shayne Miller from 40 yards out.

Final 35-7 Westview.


Westview was clearly the better team but Willow Canyon could have kept things closer without all of the turnovers.

Westview looked good in the run game, like usual, but will need to cut down on the penalties.

Game Ball

Westview DBs Robert Mendez and Guillermo Cuevas each had two INTs. Mendez took one to the house for the opening score of the game.

I was also impressed with RBs Jordan Champion from Westview and Garrick Shelton from Willow. Both had excellent nights and rushed for over 100 yards each.

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