Q&A: D'Marquis Wilson spoke with Fayetteville's talented QB, D'Marquis "Woody" Wilson, and he disclosed some in-depth information about himself as a person, and he also gave his insight on the best and worst looking uniforms in college football.

Who would you compare your playing style to?

"Seneca Wallace because we are similar in stature and he throws and runs well and is quick on his feet."

Nike, or Adidas?


What position would you prefer to play at the next level?

"QB, I am open to playing DB, I have played safety and QB all my life, but I feel like I can play QB at the next level."

Who has the best looking uniforms in college football?

"That's a hard one, probably one of the Florida schools. Florida State or Miami, they have real nice jersey's."

Who would you currently list as your favorites?

"Arkansas, LSU, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Colorado State, and Florida State"

Who has the worst looking uniforms in college football?

"I really don't know, I haven't seen any bad uniforms. Maybe USC."

What six CD's do you have in your changer?

"Tupac's Better Days, Lil Jon and The East Side Boy's Kings Of Crunk, Choppa Styles and Master P, and Triple 6 Mafia's World Domination, Choices, and Tear Da Club Up Thugs."

Who's the hottest female in show business?

"Biance'or Trina, I'll go with Trina"


"Yea, I'm going to be a Q."

How soon will you make a commitment?

"I am going to wait and go through the process."

Abercrombie, or Gap?

"Gap, or whatever looks good, FUBU, or South Pole."

Give me a prediction on the up coming season?

"We are definitely going to the playoffs, AAAAA West champs, and I think we can take state this year."

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