Q&A: Adam Thrash

Find out some interesting tidbits on Pulaski Academy QB Adam Thrash, and what he had to say about Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel.

Abercrombie or GAP?

"Neither, I like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and Wal-Mart"

What are some of the things you will take into consideration before making a decision?

"Tradition, not a lot of tradition, I want to be on a winning team, and a team where the players and coaches have intensity and work ethic during the off-season"

Pepsi or Coke?


Who is currently the best coach in college football?

"Jim Tressel from Ohio State, he just won the National Championship"

Wishbone or Spread?


What three CD's are a must for road trips?

"Fifty Cent, Master P, Ghetto D, and a mix of everything"

Who has the best looking uniforms in college football?


Who has the worst looking uniforms?

"Worst looking, I don't know, I don't want to answer that one"

Road Rules or Real World?

"I don't watch any of them but if I had to pick, I couldn't tell the difference."

Who is in your current top five?

"Ole Miss, Michigan, Vanderbilt,Oh yea, they just offered, Arkansas, and Alabama"

Who do you get your athletic ability from, mom or dad?

"Both, my mom was a cheerleader at Arkansas a long time ago, and my dad played football at Ouachita"

Any predictions on the up coming season?

"Were going to win the State Championship"

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