Q&A: James Turner

Find out what Augusta RB James Turner is looking for in a school, and also get his opinion on who's the best high school football player in the state.

Lebron James or Carmello Anthony?


Nike or Adidas?


Who is currently showing you the most interest?

"Iowa, Arkansas, Missouri, and I just received a questionnaire from Michigan"

Who has the best looking uniforms in college football?

"Miami, I like the orange"

Who has the worst looking uniforms in college football?

"Northwestern or somebody like that"

Who is the most influential person in your life?

"My mom, because she is always there for me and I enjoy being around her."

Other than yourself, who is the best high school football player in the state?

"Marcus Monk is pretty good in football and basketball, in football I would have to say Weston Dacus from Searcy, he's pretty good"

What are you looking for in a school?

"Academics are the main thing, or wherever I fit in best, it doesn't have to be the best school in the country. Just some one who is interested in me and I feel comfortable with them."

What team do you play with on PS2?


What three CD's are a must for road trips?

"Fifty Cent, Emmenem, and Tupac, I got to have some Pac with me"

Who do you currently list as your top 5?

"Arkansas, Iowa, Michigan, Tennessee, and I like LSU"

Who is the hottest female in entertainment?

"I'll say Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce"

Who is your favorite football player?

"I've always looked up to Emmett Smith, that's why I wear #22."

Describe your playing style?

"I try not to be one dimensional. I like contact, and I can shake you in the open field."

Give me a prediction on the upcoming season?

"I want to go back to War Memorial. I think we got a pretty good chance to go as far as we want to go."

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