Hard Work Paying Dividends For WR Cedric Logan

One of the premiere athletes in Arkansas, Fayetteville WR Cedric Logan was the first to receive an offer from the instate Razorbacks. While he doesn't have a clear cut leader, find out who Logan has the most interest in.

One of the premier athletes in the state of Arkansas, Fayetteville WR Cedric Logan can beat defenders in a variety of ways. At 6'0 170lbs, with a personal best of 4.37 in the 40 yard dash, Logan has the speed to run by them, and he also processes the quickness and elusiveness to make them miss. During his junior campaign Logan caught 42 passes for 632 yards and 8 Td's, he also had 6 carries for 131 yards and two more Td's.

In a recent interview Logan expressed interest in Arkansas, Auburn, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Florida, with Tennessee, Colorado, and Northwestern trying to creep into the picture. "I am looking at everyone who is interested in me", states Logan. "I'm excited about the whole thing", explained Logan, when asked how he felt about the recruiting process to this point. While Logan is being looked at by most schools as a WR he is willing to play in the defensive secondary as well, "I'll play wherever they want me", Logan says.

Logan will be camping at Arkansas and Auburn this summer. "I'm going to camp at Arkansas, and I'm going to try to get to Auburn as well. Woody and I will decide on another camp, wherever he wants to go." Cedric Logan and D'Marquis "Woody" Wilson have been playing together since the 7th grade. "We said in the past that we would go to the same school, it would be good if it worked out that way."

When asked if he would give The University of Arkansas special consideration since former Fayetteville assistant Clifton Ealy is now a member of the Razorbacks staff, Logan said it wouldn't be a big factor in his descision but, "he took care of me while he was at Fayetteville, so I'm gonna keep that in mind." Having lived in Fayetteville all of his life, Cedric expressed family could keep him close to home but sometimes he wants to get away and see new things.

Being the first in-state palyer to receive a scholarship offer from Arkansas "It felt good" Logan says. "I didn't get All-State, and I thought I should have, and our football season didn't go as well as we would have liked. It made me feel that my hard work was finally paying off."

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