Week 7 projections for Northwest Arkansas

Picks from a four-county area in Northwest Arkansas are not always right, but they give the local teams something to shoot for ... or shoot at.

Should the Fayetteville Bulldogs take this thing all the way down to the final week of the season, they can look back on this week's trip to Fort Smith as the halfway point.
No, not because Fort Smith is anywhere near halfway to Little Rock, but because this is the seventh week of what any Class AAAAA state-championship team hopes is a 14-game season.
That said, we're short on time for messing around with in-depth discussions of karma, philosophy or negative comments in newspapers about upcoming football games.
It's all been covered here before at some point.
This week, we'll do everybody a favor and just pick the winners.
Last week, RPS posted a record of 80-18 and is chugging along at 493-103-5 (82.7 percent) this season.

No. 3 Fayetteville at Fort Smith Northside

Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. at Mayo-Thompson Stadium
Records: The Fayetteville Bulldogs and their new coach, Daryl Patton, are both 6-0 in 2003. The Bulldogs are 3-0 in the AAAAA-West Conference and Patton is 40-20 at the high-school level, having spent five years (1998-2002) at Bryant. Fort Smith Northside is 1-5 overall and 1-2 in the AAAAA-West Conference. In his second season at the helm, Darrell Henry has a 6-10-1 record with the Grizzlies.
The series: Northside has dominated the series, leading 19-5 since the two teams began competing in what is now the AAAAA-West Conference and the Grizzlies lead 28-7 if you take the series all the way back to when Northside and Southside split in the mid-1960s.
Last year: Fayetteville was an 8-point favorite on Homecoming at Harmon Field, but who would have known the Grizzlies were going to come into town in "unstoppable" mode. Northside took advantage of Fayetteville mistakes on the first two Bulldogs' drives and then rammed the ball at Fayetteville the rest of the evening in a 50-32 victory.

Notable stats:
Always looking for new statistics that tell a better story, RPS has come up with another this week: "Percentage of possible yards gained." To explain, this is the total number of yards an offense gains divided by the number of total yards the offense could have gained during the course of a football game. While Fayetteville outgained Van Buren by only four yards, 288-284, the percentage of the possible yards that could be gained were far greater in Fayetteville's favor. The Bulldogs gained 288 of 329 possible yards, a whopping 87.5 percent of the yardage available. Van Buren gained 284, but needed to travel 771 and only gained 36.8 percent of the necessary yardage.
Outlook: The first thing that jumps out at Fayetteville fans this week is the fact that their Purple Dogs are ranked behind Springdale in the Northwest Arkansas Times Top 40.
It's not an oversight. It simply means that based on current performance - a component that few other "computerized" systems utilize - Springdale is the better team this week.
Since Fayetteville and Springdale do not play each other, it really doesn't matter, though, does it?
But how does that happen when Fayetteville beat Springdale two weeks ago?
In 200 words or less, it's because Fayetteville was not as impressive in a 52-3 victory over Van Buren as Springdale was in a 48-17 win over Russellville. Fayetteville's three conference wins have come over teams that are a combined 1-8. Springdale's three conference games have come against teams that are a combined, 6-3.
RPS Bottom Line: All of the above is just a smoke screen and distracts from the task at hand for Fayetteville. The Bulldogs have not had loads of success against Northside, but this is a Grizzlies team heading for its first seven-loss season since 1978 ... Fayetteville 25, Northside 6

No. 36 Bentonville at No. 2 Springdale

Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. at Jarrell Williams Bulldog Stadium
Records: Bentonville coach Gary Wear (18-10) has led the Tigers to a 2-3 record. Bentonville is 2-1 in conference play. Gus Malzahn (22-9) leads the Springdale Bulldogs into the contest with a 3-3 overall record, 1-2 in the AAAAA-West Conference.
The series: Springdale is 13-2-1 since the Tigers and Bulldogs began playing continuously in 1987.
Last year: Springdale was a 12-point favorite going into Bentonville and the Bulldogs, who went on to win a share of the AAAAA-West Conference title, came out of Bentonville with a 27-17 victory.

Notable stats:
Brandon Martinez completed eight passes last week and five of them went for touchdowns to four different Springdale receivers. Brett Buresh caught two of those touchdown passes, doubling his number of times into the end zone this season.
Outlook: Is Springdale all better after a three-game losing streak?
Seems so following the blowout of Russellville last week. Springdale led 28-10 at halftime and opened the lead to 38 points, invoking the "mercy" rule with 15 seconds left in the third quarter.
Bentonville found its way into the win column two weeks ago and kept things going with a 10-9 win over Northside. Tristan Tiarks had his best game of the year, rushing 26 times for 91 yards and scoring Bentonville's only touchdown in the win.
RPS Bottom Line: Both teams have had to overcome three-game losing streaks, but the fact of the matter is that Springdale's one win over Russellville outweighs the two victories by Bentonville over the likes of Van Buren and Northside ...
Springdale 38, Bentonville 14.

No. 15 Russellville at No. 8 Rogers

Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. at Gates Stadium
Records: The Russellville Cyclones are 2-4 overall and 0-3 in the AAAAA-West Conference under Jeff Holt, who has a 28-25 record in five years at the Cyclones' helm. The Rogers Mountaineers (5-1) are led by Ronnie Peacock, who is 8-18 in his third season as the Mounties mentor. Rogers is 2-1 in the AAAAA-West Conference, tied with Bentonville for third place.
The series: Dating back to 1981, Russellville leads the series, 12-10, and has won nine of the last 12 meetings.
Last year: A 13-point favorite at home, Russellville had no mercy for the Mountaineers and clobbered its visitor from Benton County, 46-7.

Notable stats:
Johnny Brewer needed an ice pack following Friday's visit to Southside Stadium. The Rogers quarterback threw 51 passes and completed 24 for a total of 387 yards. The Mounties passed for 425 yards - 200 more than Southside - and lost to the Rebels by 32 points.
Outlook: If Springdale reaches its expected potential, then this game becomes the battle for the No. 4 spot in the AAAAA-West Conference race.
It might seem odd that Russellville, with three losses, could even be considered for the fourth slot against a Rogers club which lost for the first time this season last week. But the schedules for both teams take harsh turns.
Two of the Mounties' final three games are against playoff-worthy Fayetteville and Springdale. Russellville finishes with the three lower-echelon clubs - Northside, Bentonville and Van Buren.
Rogers can lose this game and still finish ahead of Russellville by matching the Cyclones' number of wins in the final three weeks of the season.
RPS Bottom Line: If you're pulling for Rogers, it's good to know there is a way out if your team stumbles this week. But asking Rogers to win games over both Springdale and Fayetteville to hang on to a playoff spot is a big task. Russellville has its back to the wall and will pull out all the stops. The Mounties are aware of that and know they can take their biggest step toward postseason play by taking care of business now and not waiting for something bad to happen ... Rogers 33, Russellville 28

Siloam Springs at No. 24 Greenwood

Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. at Smith-Robinson Stadium
Records: The Siloam Springs Panthers (0-5-1) are coached by Chris McBride, who is 3-12-1 in his second year as head coach. Harv Welch (20-9) is the third-year coach of the Greenwood Bulldogs. Greenwood is 5-1 in the AAAA-West Conference and sits three games ahead of Siloam Springs at 3-0 in league play.
The series: Since 1987, the teams have played annually and, at times, twice in the same year. Greenwood has a 10-6-1 edge and has won nine in a row over the Panthers, the last four by a combined score of 138-15.
Last year: A healthy 23-point favorite, Greenwood went into Siloam Springs and gave up its first conference points of the season before prevailing, 25-6.
Notable stats: The Siloam Springs offense continued to find a way to move the football on the ground, but the Panthers had their worst night defensively in a 39-10 loss to Alma. The Airedales rushed for more than nine yards a carry and 282 total yards and wore down Siloam Springs with 19 points in the final stanza.
The season is not lost, but the Panthers knew they were in trouble when they started out 0-2 in the conference with Alma, Greenwood and Harrison - the AAAA-West Conference's "big three" - coming up in succession.
There has been improvement for the Panthers in several areas, but while the running game improved against a good Alma defense, the answers have been few and far between in other areas. Even Alma, not known from throwing the football, stung the Panthers for two touchdown passes last week.
RPS Bottom Line: They cannot do worse than the 0-10 campaign of 1997, but the Panthers are heading in the direction of an 0-7-1 start before closing out the season with Huntsville and Clarksville. Greenwood's only loss came at Fayetteville and it should remain that way until Harrison and Alma pop up on the Blue Dogs' schedule ...
Greenwood 30, Siloam Springs 8.

Greenbrier at Huntsville
Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. at Eagle Stadium
Records: Greenbrier coach Scott Schwartz (3-13) is 2-4 overall and 1-2 in the AAAA-West Conference. Huntsville is 2-4 overall and 0-3 in the conference. The Eagles are coached by Ken Harriman, who is in the second year of his second stint with the team and owns a 72-51-1 record.
The series: This is the second meeting of the two schools and Greenbrier holds a 1-0 lead.
Last year: Huntsville was a 10-point favorite for whatever reason, but it was Greenbrier that took a 10-point victory, 26-16, at Don Jones Stadium.
Notable stats: Zane Trichel scored two Huntsville touchdowns last week, but the Eagles' leading rusher was held to a season-low 60 yards in a 39-15 loss to Morrilton.
Outlook: All three Huntsville opponents have rushed for more than 200 yards this year. It's not a good trend, but it is a trend the Eagles can end this week with the arrival of Greenbrier for Homecoming festivities.
While winning a couple of games this year, Greenbrier has what is known in these parts as Siloam Springsitis. It's a problem with the team being unable to find the end zone. In six games, Greenbrier has scored 62 points. That's not all that bad, but 31 of those came in the first two games against Beebe and Vilonia. The last four games have seen the Panthers limited to no more than a touchdown and, in one case, an extra field goal that enabled Greenbrier to defeat Siloam Springs, 10-7.
RPS Bottom Line: While the Greenbrier offense is suspect, the Panthers have only had one bad defensive game - two weeks ago in a 38-7 loss to Greenwood. This is a chance for either the Greenbrier offense or Huntsville defense to make a statement. RPS will hedge on its guess and take the Eagles in a game that could take three touchdowns to win ...
Huntsville 21, Greenbrier 20.

Lincoln at Prairie Grove
Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. at Tiger Stadium
Records: Lincoln is 1-5 after putting an end to a string of 18 consecutive 1AAA Conference defeats. Coach Mike Guthrie (2-14) is in his second term with the Wolves. The Prairie Grove Tigers (4-2, 3-0) are ranked seventh in Class AAA and coached by Danny Abshier, who has posted a 66-48-2 as a head coach.
The series: Since 1989, Prairie Grove has dominated the Wolves, winning all but one game. Lincoln's one win in the 14 years was a crucial 14-0 victory in 1994 that eventually led to the school's first - and last - playoff appearance.
Last year: Prairie Grove was a 28-point favorite last year and rolled over hapless Lincoln, 34-0, at Wolves Stadium.

Notable stats:
Zach McIntosh had 13 carries for 10 yards prior to Friday's game with Farmington. Against the Cardinals, McIntosh rushed for 101 yards on 16 carries and the Wolves turned in their third consecutive 200-yard rushing game with 210. Lincoln's rushing leader remains Travis Lange, though, who closed to within a yard of the 400 mark for 2003. Lange scored his first touchdown for the only points of the game in the 6-0 win over Farmington.
Outlook: After anybody completes a big task, what's the first thing they do?
Exactly, they stop and take a deep breath.
In the course of a week, there's plenty of time to catch one's breath. But in the terms of a football season, six days between games is not enough time to completely regroup.
First, there is the sense of accomplishment. Lincoln spent more than a year getting close - at Gravette two weeks ago - and then getting over the top with last week's victory over Farmington.
Ah, but Prairie Grove has every right to be taking that same collective deep breath. The Tigers have toppled the two teams that figured to be the favorites in the 1AAA Conference race.
RPS Bottom Line: Treating Lincoln like a "breather" would not be wise for the Tigers, but an average effort from Prairie Grove should be enough. Lincoln's accomplishments don't have to end with last week's win, however, and a couple of more victories can be found before the 2003 campaign ends ...
Prairie Grove 28, Lincoln 0.

Gravette at Farmington
Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. at Allen Holland Field
Records: Gravette is 4-2 and 1-2 in the 1AAA Conference. Coach Charlie Phillips is 63-47 as the head coach of the Lions. Farmington is 1-5 overall and 0-3 in the league under Mike Adams, who is in his first year at the Cardinals' helm.
The series: Farmington leads the series 12-7-1 dating back to a 12-12 tie in 1983. It's been an unpredictable series. Farmington won the 2000 meeting, 34-7, at Gravette. Strangely, the home team had not won from 1997-2001.

Last year:
Gravette knocked off Farmington, 34-12, at Bernard McAbee Field. The Lions came into the game a solid 7-point favorite and went on to post the school's first 10-0 season after disposing of the Cardinals.
Notable stats:
Farmington's defense allowed 210 yards on the ground, but lowered the average yards per carry against it to 5.5. Gravette has two players who are gaining more than 5.5 per carry - Ryan Holloway, who was held to 36 yards on 12 totes by Green Forest last week; and Zac Boyer, who had a season-high 137 yards and two touchdowns on 16 carries.
Outlook: Farmington learned just how good Lincoln's defense is last week when the Cardinals suffered their first league shutout since a 6-0 overtime loss at Green Forest in 1999.
That game was a corner-turner for the Cardinals.
Following that defeat, a surprise to pundits who believed the 1AAA champion Tigers were heavy favorites, Farmington went on a roll that resulted in wins over 16 of its next 17 opponents.
Gravette is just coming off high times. The Lions had won 17 consecutive regular-season games before a trip to Berryville - which resulted in a 34-0 defeat. Last week's 23-14 loss to Green Forest revealed that Gravette may not be one of the four playoff teams in the 1AAA Conference after all.
RPS Bottom Line: The Lions were the kings of the 1AAA jungle. Berryville's mighty uppercut knocked the Lions down a few pegs and last week's loss took the Lions down a couple more notches and possibly out of the playoff picture. Gravette can still hang on, but a loss to Farmington would be something from which Gravette could recover ...
Gravette 21, Farmington 15.

Green Forest at Shiloh Christian
Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. at Field of Champions
Records: The Green Forest Tigers are 5-1 overall and 3-0 in the league under the dean of 1AAA football coaches, Bill Gotto, who enters the contest with a 97-83-2 record. Shiloh Christian coach Chris Wood (19-11-1) has led the Saints to a 4-2 record overall and a 2-1 start in the 1AAA Conference.
The series: Shiloh Christian is 3-0 against Green Forest and has scored a total of 119 points - to 40 for Green Forest - in those three meetings.
Last year: A scant, 4-point favorite, Shiloh Christian kept its playoff hopes alive with a 20-7 win at Green Forest. The Saints lost two of their next three, however, and finished the season 3-7.

Notable stats:
Three different Shiloh Christian receivers have 25 catches and 400 yards or more coming into tonight's game. Luke Emert, Brady Arthur and Scott Godwin - who had 105 yards on six catches against Gentry last week - have caught 84 passes for a total of 1,272 yards.
Outlook: This is another playoff battle and the Shiloh Christian Saints have a few more teams in their corner than normal. Namely, Gravette will be pulling for Shiloh Christian.
After Green Forest defeated Gravette last week, the Lions find themselves needing to find a way back into the playoff race. The quickest route is for Shiloh Christian to beat Gentry and then for Gravette to beat SCS next week in Benton County.
Green Forest controls its own destiny, but with Prairie Grove and Berryville still on the schedule, the Red Tigers could find themselves going from first place to the bubble quicker than an Emert-to-Emert touchdown pass.
RPS Bottom Line: Shiloh Christian remains healthy and that's bad news for the Saints' opponents. It's probably bad news for Gravette, too, if the Saints can stay healthy. Shiloh Christian looks for a double play - beating Green Forest and Gravette in succession - that would put the Saints in the Class AAA playoffs for the first time in school history ... Shiloh Christian 29, Green Forest 14

Berryville at Gentry

Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. at Pioneer Stadium
Records: Doug Scheel's first year at Berryville has seen the Bobcats go 4-2 overall and 2-1 in the 1AAA Conference. Gentry coach Jeff Stewart is in his first year with the Pioneers and is going through some hard times. Gentry has lost five in a row and stands 1-5 overall, 0-3 in the league.
The series: This is the 17th consecutive year the two teams have met and Berryville, due to a four-game winning streak over the Pioneers, has taken a 9-7 lead.
Last year: Berryville was rolling and just picking up speed at this point last year when the Bobcats easily disposed of Gentry, 35-6, at Bobcat Stadium. The Bobcats went on to a 9-2-1 record.

Notable stats:
Jeff Coonrod is second on the team in rushing with 29 carries for 249 yards, but Coonrod has been kept in check by 1AAA opponents. He has gained only 29 yards on nine carries since the league clashes began.
Outlook: Both Gentry and Berryville are seething after last week's defeats.
Gentry is not happy after getting "the routine" from Shiloh Christian. Most NWA folks know the routine: Shiloh Christian scores every time it has the football, leads comfortably at halftime and plays out the second half so that everybody can get home to watch the highlights on one of the local stations.
Stewart did not care for the treatment and said so.
At Berryville, a late hit on quarterback Steven Trulove is still causing Bobcats' blood to boil. Trulove won't play this week and the Bobcats are not the same team without him.
RPS Bottom Line: Berryville will have a different quarterback, but the results should not vary too much from what RPS predicts. The Bobcats are still one of the best teams in this league and Gentry is not ... Berryville 31, Gentry 7.

Greenland at Subiaco Academy
Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. at Rebsamen Stadium
Records: Greenland is 4-2 overall and 2-1 in the 4AAA Conference under Lee Larkan, who is 20-10 in his third year as the Pirates' skipper. Subiaco Academy is 2-4 overall and 1-2 in the league. The Trojans are coached by Robert Pugh, in his first year at the helm.
The series: Greenland has won three of four games against Subiaco Academy and two of three from 1993-95. The Pirates won the first two, 24-0 and 26-19, before losing the last of the three meetings.
Last year: It was expected to be a shootout and the result was probably more than what anybody expected - or wanted. Subiaco Academy stormed back in the fourth quarter only to lose, 46-43, at Greenland. The Pirates entered the game a 3-point favorite - by a score of 36-33.

Notable stats:
Travis Grogan had the breakout game he had to have, catching 11 passes for 202 yards and three touchdowns in the Pirates' 29-28 win over Ozark last week.
Outlook: With Waldron meeting up with Booneville, Greenland can find itself in a first-place tie for the 4AAA Conference lead following tonight's game. The Pirates still have Booneville left to play, but can end up no worse than second if they are able to win the rest of their conference games.
Three of the next four games can be marked as "should" win, including tonight's trip to meet Subiaco Academy. At worst, a 5-2 record won't keep Greenland out of the playoffs.
Subiaco Academy does have a conference victory, but the Trojans have that because of a date with Paris. The Trojans are not the potent attacking team they were when LaMarcus Irvin was in the Blue & Orange.
RPS Bottom Line: Bumps and bruises that match the purple of the Ozark uniforms are going to happen when scuffling with the Hillbillies. No team is a good team to play following a physical game with Ozark, but at least the Pirates don't have to jump right back in against Booneville. This is not a "gimme" game - as the Pirates probably learned from last year - and one that could put the Pirates in a first-place tie ... Greenland 27, Subiaco Academy 15.

West Fork at Paris
7:30 p.m. at Eagle Stadium
Records: Bryan Dougan is in his first year at West Fork and has the Tigers off to a 2-4 start. West Fork is 0-3 in the 4AAA Conference. Paris coach Jay Chalk is still searching for his first victory after 16 defeats. The Eagles are 0-6 overall and 0-3 in the league.
The series: West Fork leads the series, 1-0.
Last year: Making its first trip to West Fork, the Paris Eagles were an 8-point underdog and on their way to an 0-10 record. West Fork welcomed the Eagles with open arms and sent them away with a 34-14 defeat.

Notable stats:
At Mansfield, West Fork turned in its second best rushing game of the year with 92 yards from Ben Israel and 88 from Cody Prater - but lost, 32-7. Mansfield piled up 257 yards against West Fork and three conference opponents are averaging 280.7 rushing yards per game and more than 7.0 yards per carry.
Outlook: Be careful what you wish for.
This league is far better than what West Fork folks might have thought when the Tigers entered - and now seem to be stuck in - at the start of the 2002 reclassification cycle. From a distance, it appeared that Ozark and Booneville were far superior to everyone and if a team was pretty good, they could slide right into that third spot.
We all found out the hard way and, in case the lesson wasn't learned the first time around, West Fork is getting to repeat the course this year. Never is the league's strength more evident than when West Fork plays Mansfield and, on two occasions now, has been thumped.
RPS Bottom Line: Thankfully, there is a team or two in the league that has taken the role of doormat and West Fork, after bouts with Ozark and Waldron, has a chance to take advantage of one of the league's only perks. But Tigers beware: Paris is not the conference doormat by choice ... West Fork 33, Paris 23.

Elkins at Charleston
Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. at Alumni Field
Records: Coach Aaron Clark (20-19) is finally over the .500 mark and enjoying every minute of it. The Elks are off to a 5-0 start that includes a league-leading 4-0 record. The Charleston Tigers are led by Shane Storey (112-27-1) and have started the season 6-0 overall and 3-0 in the 1AA Conference.
The series: Over more than 20 years, the teams have met nine times and Charleston has always come out on top. Most recently, Charleston had been dominant, scoring 40 points or more in each of the five games prior to last year's meeting at John Bunch Memorial Field.
Last year: Charleston was held under 30 points for the first time all season, but escaped with a 28-14 victory that wrapped up the 1AA Conference championship. Charleston entered the game a 9-point favorite.

Notable stats:
Four Elks have over 100 yards through five games and the Elks have almost doubled their opponents' rushing totals for the year. Elkins has 1,173 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns as compared to 593 rushing yards allowed and four touchdowns - two of them last week by Lavaca.
Outlook: Defense is what will win this game. Elkins is closing the gap between itself and Charleston, but the Elks still have to prove they can stop the Tigers.
This year, might be the Elks' best chance of all - and judging by the mid-week news, it may be their last chance.
Elkins has been tagged as the team to move up to Class AAA because of Bismarck's decision not to field a football team for the next two seasons. That will put Elkins ahead of Charleston in classification, but won't solve the problem of besting the Tigers on the football field.
RPS Bottom Line: If Charleston should go on and play for a state championship - an idea that has passed through several minds over the past couple of years - then the Tigers have teams like Elkins and Pea Ridge to thanks for making them better. Charleston may not be thanking the Elks on Friday, however. Elkins has overcome bigger projections in the past couple of years and, if the offense can produce some points, we may be witnessing the passing of the 1AA torch ... Charleston 18, Elkins 6.

Hackett at Pea Ridge

Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. at Blackhawk Stadium
Records: Former Prairie Grove assistant Ed Baker has led the Hackett Hornets to a 1-4 overall record, 1-3 in the 1AA Conference. Coach Mike Harrod (13-12-1) has the Blackhawks at 3-2 overall and alone in third place at 3-1 in the 1AA Conference.
The Series: In five previous games, three of them played from 1984-86, Pea Ridge is unbeaten against the Hornets. Hackett scored just twice on the Blackhawks in those first three meetings, but tallied 18 last year in a 42-18 defeat. Things returned to normal last month when the Blackhawks downed the Hornets, 24-6.
Earlier this year: In the designated conference game, Pea Ridge took care of business with a 24-6 win over Hackett. It was the Blackhawks' first win of the season and helped them get the conference term off to a good start.
Notable stats: Despite taking a week off, Ryan Barnett still leads the area in rushing yardage with 715 yards for the Blackhawks. He has 11 touchdowns and has averaged 6.1 yards per carry.
Outlook: Knowing that the teams would play again, do you think it's possible that Pea Ridge simply "completed the minimum requirement" to beat the Hornets. Think of it as a spider and a fly. The spider has the fly all wrapped up, but doesn't want to "put it away" because it needs a meal later.
Well, it's supper time.
Hackett comes to Pea Ridge for a return bout with little at stake. Pea Ridge can keep the much-valued momentum going with a decisive victory. The Blackhawks can also wake up Saturday morning with a piece of the 1AA Conference championship within their grasp.
RPS Bottom Line: It seems like there ought to be more on the line when two conference teams play. There isn't much on the line, other than pride, and Pea Ridge begins revving up its Dead-T attack for a crucial meeting with Lavaca and a regular-season-ending showdown at Charleston ... Pea Ridge 25, Hackett 9.

This week's picks:

at Bryant 40, LR Hall 8
Conway 24, at LR McClellan 18
LR Catholic 29, at North Little Rock 26
LR Central 27, at LR Parkview 0
Forrest City 28, at Blytheville 12
at Cabot 34, Mountain Home 0
at Searcy 20, Jacksonville 19
Jonesboro 25, at West Memphis 22
at Benton 35, Sheridan 23
Camden Fairview 28, at Texarkana 25
Pine Bluff 17, at El Dorado 16
at Lake Hamilton 23, Watson Chapel 13
at Springdale 38, Bentonville 14
Fayetteville 25, at Fort Smith Northside 6
Fort Smith Southside 39, at Van Buren 8
at Rogers 33, Russellville 28

Class AAAA
Batesville 24, at Beebe 6
at Greene Co. Tech 23, Nettleton 21
at Vilonia 28, Marion 8
Wynne 29, at Paragould 16
Crossett 29, at LR Mills 15
at White Hall 25, Monticello 13
at Stuttgart 26, North Pulaski 8
at Sylvan Hills 12, West Helena Central 0
at Arkadelphia 27, Hot Springs Lakeside 14
Pulaski Robinson 20, at Hope 8
Magnolia 24, at Hot Springs 18
at Malvern 24, LR Fair 18
at Alma 33, Clarksville 6
at Harrison 22, Morrilton 13
at Huntsville 21, Greenbrier 20
at Greenwood 30, Siloam Springs 8

Class AAA
Berryville 31, at Gentry 7
Gravette 21, at Farmington 15
at Shiloh Christian 29, Green Forest 14
at Prairie Grove 28, Lincoln 0
at Corning 27, Heber Springs 0
at Pocahontas 23, Highland 0
at Yellville-Summit 25, Hoxie 10
at Newport 27, Mountain View 24
at East Poinsett Co. 29, Jonesboro Westside 12
at Gosnell 24, Trumann 0
Harrisburg 18, at Piggott 17
at Rivercrest 23, Osceola 16
Booneville 26, at Waldron 18
Greenland 27, at Subiaco Academy 15
at Ozark 21, Mansfield 14
West Fork 33, at Paris 23
at Atkins 42, Lamar 0
Dover 37, at Clinton 21
at Dardanelle 29, Perryville 21
at Pulaski Oak Grove 22, Mayflower 12
at Bald Knob 35, England 21
at Central Arkansas Christian 23, Brinkley 9
Pulaski Academy 36, at DeWitt 0
at Lonoke 21, Marianna 12
Ashdown 23, at DeQueen 13
Fouke 24, at Mena 21
at Prescott 35, Fountain Lake 13
Dollarway 30, at McGehee 22
at Star City 22, Dumas 9
at Warren 28, Fordyce 18
at Hamburg 33, Lake Village 24

Class AA
at Mountainburg 28, Cedarville 19
at Charleston 18, Elkins 6
at Pea Ridge 25, Hackett 9
Lavaca 38, at Hartford 12
at Earle 18, Cross County 8
Hughes 41, at Parkin 6
Marked Tree 26, at Walnut Ridge 18
Palestine 43, at Turrell 19
at Salem 34, Rector 16
Arkansas Baptist 26, at LR Christian 25
at Marshall 21, Bigelow 19
Danville 20, at Hector 15
Magazine 19, at LR Episcopal 6
at Ola 24, LR Lutheran 17
Bauxite 34, at Magnet Cove 9
Mountain Pine 28, at Caddo Hills 10
at Jessieville 29, Centerpoint 8
at Mount Ida 30, Cutter Morning Star 14
Glen Rose 38, at Pottsville JV 15
Augusta 23, at Harding Academy 20
Barton 26, at Hazen 9
at Carlisle 17, Des Arc 9
Elaine 28, at Marvell 9
at Bearden 21, Hampton 19
Norphlet 24, at Harmony Grove 18
Junction City 29, at El Dorado West Side 0
Smackover 30, at        Sparkman 14
at Horatio 22, Dierks 21
Foreman 26, at Murfreesboro 25
at Mineral Springs 19, Gurdon 10
at Lafayette County 31, Spring Hill 12
Altheimer 21, at Dermott 19
at Gillett 26, Eudora 17
Rison 36, at Hermitage 6
at Woodlawn 27, Strong 15

Lee Academy 19, DeSoto Academy 12
West Memphis Christian 34, Bayou Academy 15

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