Paradise Wins CIF Title

Paradise High School, Home of The Bobcats wins the Northern Section Division I Football Championship...

Paradise High School, located in the Town of Paradise, Butte County in Northern California claimed their eighth Championship in school history. The Paradise Bobcats had a clear and decisive victory over the Foothill Cougars with a final score of 29 to 7.

The Bobcats under coach Rick Prinz have reached the section final three years in a row, seventh time in the past eight years and won five titles.

This was the first time that the Bobcats and Cougars met this year due to an Eastern Athletic League (EAL) reconfiguration. The Cougars finished on top of the EAL North with a 3-1 record, and the Bobcats came on top of the EAL South with 4-0 record and 11-1 overall.

IT has been a transition year for many schools in this section. Last year, the Foothill Cougars' main rivals in the EAL, Enterprise and Shasta High school had to say goodbye to many of their star players such as the Williams's twin, Bryan Coleman, Evan Taylor among others. Foothill lost Codey Ellenwood, however, Foothill had experienced and quality players at key positions; Zack Ray (QB - Senior), Tevin Slaton (RB – Junior), John Rowe (WR/TE - Senior), top defensive player Mitchell McCarthy (LB – Senior), and many other highly talented and experienced players were part of the roster. Every year Foothill has a high quality pool of players and this year was no different. The talent and experience that the Cougars had this year was more than adequate to win the title, but then again another disappointing football season for the Cougars, their fans and the Palo Cedro community that aspire to be "Number One" every year - Not number 2 or 3 or 4. The Cougars advanced to the Northern Section title game for the first time since 2007.

Paradise Bobcats consistently through the years has shown their quality football and this year was no different. Last year the Bobcats lost the championship game to Enterprise HS in the last few seconds. This year the Bobcats showed from day one they wanted to win the section title, and tonight they showed the people in Northern California that they are the Champions. It is clear that coach Prinz's defensive game plan was ready for Foothill's offense scheme and only allowed 7 points in the first half including a safety and a complete shut down of Foothill's offense in the second half. Coach Prinz offensive game plan led to many unanswered TDs. This is not an easy task, especially with the quality and experienced players in the Cougars squad, but Foothill's coach Hamilton game plan was no match for the newly crowned champion (same in last year's playoff game Paradise 31 - Foothill 0).

It is a great victory for the Town of Paradise and a great way to appreciate coach Rick Prinz's skills and the players' dedication to achieve excellence. Paradise players such as Jordan Dobrich (RB – Senior- 27/204 yds, 3 TDs), QB Eric Patterson and many others have become part of Paradise High School exceptional football history. Congratulations Bobcats!!

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