QB Combine Update

QB Combine sets their 2011 schedule and location...


The NEW Training Location:  For This Sunday Feb 20 2011::::::   UCLA  INTRAMURAL FIELD
The Field Is Located:  North Of The Tennis Courts and Pauley Pavilion Off Sunset Blvd.
Westwood California  90024:::::::

PARKING:   FREE----  There is an underground Parking Structure exclusive for Intermural Fields::::: It is Off Sunset Blvd entering UCLA:   Park   Come up the stairs to the right is the field.    9:00 am
Coach Lucci wants to give everyone the feel of a College Atmosphere.....


The Quarterback Combine is Very Proud to ANNOUNCE:   3 year Solo Direct Understudy of Coach Lucci and 2 year Elite 13 QB:   Max Heltzer (Harvard Westlake) will be attending and playing football for UCLA.  Heltzer was granted a Walk-On Status by Coach Neuheisel. We are so happy for Max. Coach Lucci has personally known Max since the age of 9 years old and is very happy for his Mom and Dad also.  Good Luck Max.

When The Quarterback Combine several years ago was at Pasadena City College, another QB that trained at the Quarterback Combine is also at UCLA,  Justin Posthuma.  great Job JP.

This makes 3 Quarterbacks that Trained at the QB Combine, Nick Crissman,  Max Heltzer, and Justin Posthuma are all at UCLA.  Wide Receivers Randoll Caroll was also a QB Combine athlete.


SOLO/PRIVATE QUARTERBACKS:  That are training with Coach Lucci::::::::
This is per Coach Lucci:    Due to the throwing pressure and over 200 throws at The Quarterback Combine it is better to take it easy during the week until a few weeks go by andthe Combine is over.  Coach tried to Coach some of his direct Student QBS many whom which play other sports such as Volleyball , Baseball and the strain is a bit tomuch right now.  With 7 on 7 going to start up for The Direct Understudies, Coach Lucci wants the QBs with fresh arms. Grant it that the Quarterbacks have all gotten much stronger especially in their throws,  they are way ahead of their training,  all of them.. Coach Lucci isgoing to play thisone by ear.  For example ,  this Sundays Combine is going tobe very strenuous, with game scenerios.  I will keep you Posted. Maybe one day during the week plus the Combine,  I will check with Coach Lucci


QUARTERBACK COMBINE QUARTERBACKS::::::2011 In the past few weeks the level of play,  training and throws have escalated over 200%.  The Qbs were extremely throwing at a higher level the past 2 weeks, but this is what is all about. Its a process a progression. These 2 Day mini camps around etc, are only suited for the POLISHED QB coming in to throw some "reps" and get out. These QBs are on a constant higher learning, making an abundance of throws week after week to get Game Ready.  Listed Below is where we are at on a grading basis:

Quarterback Drill Work:   B+
Work Ethics:  B+
Throwing "air":  B+
7 on 7:   C+
The 7 on 7 grade now brings us to this resolution:  Coach Lucci has decided now, he is going to put the boys in more game scenerios, one on ones,   2 on 3's and 7 on 7. Less Throwing rotations for now, just fire game time.  This will be great for all the QBs.


ANNOUNCEMENT:   Due to popular Demand:    The Quarterback Combine has been invited out to LAS VEGAS in April for 6 Saturday Sessions starting April 2.  go to www.qbcombine.com  for Las Vegas information.  Coach Lucci has extended :  to all his CALIFORNIA QUARTERBACKS, if they are in Las Vegas on any of the Las Vegas Training Dates (any or all),  The California Quarterback who was enrolled for 2011 current, may attend the Las Vegas sessions at no charge.  ( This also has been set up for The Las Vegas Quarterbacks,  they may atend any Los Angeles Combine if they are in town at no charge)


FINALLY:  The Quarterback Combine B Block will start after The Las Vegas Combine and you will be notified.  The Dates:  TBA  : Los Angeles California (B Block) It will be a little different:  It will be back to back days such as:  SAT  and Sunday back to back for a few weekends.   Coach Lucci feels this back to back scenerio at this time will be great for the Quarterback,  especially for the footwork.  The Cost Will Be Posted.

Those of you who are going to attend the B Block,  please e mail the athletes name back to me.     appx Cost  :  425.00


This is the 7 Week Update:   in Conclusion:    the push for higher learning is being accomplished by all the quarterbacks...........

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