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Hello everyone,

  I have been away from (GSP), and the network, for over a year now. I have been trying to do some charity work for the people of Haiti, following last years devastating earthquake that killed more then 300,000 people. Besides writing for GSP and, I am civil engineer whose occupation for the past three years has focused on disaster preparedness and recovery. I am also a Haitian American. We all come from somewhere, and my family comes from Leogane Haiti. The city of Leogane was ground zero for the last years' earthquake and the town lost 85% of its infrastructure and 25%, about 20,000 to 30,000 people, of its residents.


    Civil Engineers have historically been person who practices civil engineering; which is the application of planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating infrastructures while protecting the public and environmental health, as well as improving existing infrastructures that have been neglected or destroyed either by man or nature.


300 year old structure, belongs to the Lissade family, on right survives the earthquake, while a less then 30 year old structure on left collapses and kills a family of 6. It was built to resist hurricanes. Everyone forgot that the city of Leogane was built in earthquake territory.

   So following the Haiti Earthquake I formed a non profit organization, Haiti Engineering Inc., to provide technical assistance in the rebuilding of Haiti. Haiti Engineering is a group of professional from many disciplines, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, administrators, strategic planners, and many others who have come together to donate their time and skills for the greater good. We are helping those that can not help themselves, through no fault of their own.


I'm interviewing earthquake survivor Ms. Carole Simon at my campsite. Ms. Simon was buried In rubble along side many of her friends. She was fortunate to survive with minor leg injuries, while her friends dies along side her.

  There are many Haitian American athletes at the prep, college, and pro level. Some of current and past pro athletes of Haitian decent include:

      * Samuel Dalembert, basketball player
    * Quincy Douby, NBA basketball player
    * Mario Elie, former Houston Rockets guard
    * Olden Polynice, former Utah Jazz NBA player

       Professional American football players

      * Stanley Arnoux, New Orleans Saints linebacker
    * Cliff Avril, Detroit Lions defensive end
    * D'Anthony Batiste, Denver Broncos offensive tackle
    * Jacques Cesaire, San Diego Chargers defensive end
    * Gosder Cherilus, Detroit Lions offensive tackle
    * Antonio Cromartie, New York Jets cornerback
    * Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Arizona Cardinals cornerback
    * Louis Delmas, Detroit Lions safety
    * Vladimir Ducasse, professional American football player
    * Elvis Dumervil, Denver Broncos outside linebacker
    * Pierre Garçon, Indianapolis Colts wide receiver
    * Ricky Jean-Francois, San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman
    * Max Jean-Gilles, Philadelphia Eagles offensive guard
    * Rashad Jeanty, Cincinnati Bengals outside linebacker
    * Davin Joseph, Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive guard
    * William Joseph, Oakland Raiders defensive tackle
    * Steve Octavien, Dallas Cowboys linebacker
    * Jason Pierre-Paul, Defensive end New York Giants
    * Jonathan Vilma, New Orleans Saints linebacker
  This is not an inclusive list, but it is a good example of Haitian American athlete's contribution to American professional sports. While I will continue my humanitarian efforts to assist the people of Haiti, through Haiti Engineering, I miss writing for GSP and I miss the interaction with my community here in the greater Sacramento area and helping the kids at the prep level achieve their dreams of playing at the next level. For these reasons I am going to try both helping the people of Haiti and helping my community, by providing engineering services to the people of Haiti and profiling the local prep talent through GSP.

  In short I'm back!


(One of our Concepts to help Haiti in association with the American Association of State and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) – many thanks to Mr. Bill Brownlow of AASHTO for his support)


Martine Cardozo, Director of Sales - SinClair Technologies Inc. for Canada and Latin America, stops by to lend her support for the Radios for Haiti project at the International Wireless Communications Expo in Las Vegas. Ms. Cardozo is a native of Haiti herself and is seen here with Herby Lissade.

(To read more about Haiti Engineering, please visit and please feel free to make a tax deductible monetary donation at that website. Haiti Engineering, Inc is a 501C3 non profit organization and is certified as such through the Internal Revenue Service.)

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