Passing Down Adds Linemen Challenge to 7on7

The Passing Down Elite 7-on-7 Challenge hits Orange County on April 16 for the first SoCal regional in Newport Beach. New to the event is the Elite Linemen Challenge, which will feature unique, exigent drills to determine a lineman's ability, quickness, and strength…

The second regional tournament in Passing Down's Elite 7on-7 Challenge takes place at the Sage Hill School in Newport Coast. The 12-team tournament will feature some of the top prospects in the West. A few of the teams committed to the event include Big Picture Athletics out of Santa Maria, Pride N Skills out Carson, QB Myles Carr's Team SGV All Stars, QB Andrew Elffers' Team Success, and Team P4NL out of Arizona among others.

Team Central Cal Boys won the Passing Down Elite 7-on-7 NorCal Regional in San Ramon on Feb. 12. With the championship run, Central Cal Boys automatically qualified for a berth in the Best in the West Tournament in Fresno on July 8 and 9. Also qualifying for a berth were Team Bakersfield Burr (runners up), Team California Strength, and Team Pitt Playmakers.

Adding to the fray on April 16 is the first Passing Down Elite Linemen Challenge. The event will feature unique, exigent drills to determine a lineman's ability, quickness, and strength. Teams of three linemen will compete in 1-on-1s, bench press reps, 10-yard sled push relay, tug-a-war, and heavy medley 10-yard replay (consisting of tire flip, loaded wheelbarrow, and backpedal sled).

The top qualifying teams in each of the regional competitions will be invited to compete in the Passing Down "Best of the West" Elite Linemen Challenge on July 8 and 9 in Fresno, CA as well.

Top linemen already committed to the event include as follows: Ngata Tuihalamaka, Eric Rodriguez, Kwayde Miller, Bubba Siliga, David Barajas, Chad Elmore, Terrance Knighten, Max Tuerk, Aaron Leauma, Colby Cyburt, Damion Turpin, Beau Boyster, Alec Zenner, Grant Bays, Eduardo Middleton, Gus Tavita among many others.

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