Preserving America's Favorite Sport- Part Two

How B2G Works to Preserve the Sanctity of Football...

"Preserving America's Favorite Sport"

How B2G Works to Preserve the Sanctity of Football

Part Two

"Quality #2 that a great leader must possess: The willingness to subordinate personal interests for the good of their followers." – Napoleon Hill

Recently, 7-on-7 tournaments for traveling teams have exploded on the scene. They are fun and a huge ego boost for the winners but they are like junk food. Too much of it is bad for you in the long run. B2G has enjoyed a few with Team B2G having won back to back Badger New Level Tournament Championships in Las Vegas. Few truly understand that the secret behind our success is the preparation done at our Instinct Training.

It must not be forgotten that prep players, despite what is said of them on the Internet, have way too much to learn before they can even match the football IQ of even college bench warmers. B2G receives calls weekly to bring our players to different tournaments. We usually decline because more travel and more games leave less time for individual practice, skill instruction, and athletic development.

From what we've noticed, most other groups that form teams don't do enough to prepare and nurture the talent of their young players.  There seems to be no hesitation to replace an under-performing player with another recently discovered top talent. I encourage other organizations to take the stance of not allowing pride to get in the way of teaching what is needed for young players to grow and succeed.  Keep tournaments to a minimum.

The Coaches Dilemma:

Talent wins games, so college coaches recruit talent. Therefore, head coaches hire assistants who can recruit talent while long term player development becomes a low priority. Most Division I, as well as high school coaches, don't have time to tutor players individually and prepare them for the next level. They have so much pressure on them to win right now or they could quickly find themselves out the door.

Because the NCAA and high school rules limit off-season practice time, strength and conditioning programs are relied upon heavily to prepare players. During the season the majority of time is spent scheming for the next opponent and installing an overall game plan. The result is a large supply of talent moving on to college and the NFL with underdeveloped skills.

The Answer:

Get back to basics.  It's time that skill training become as big a priority to off-season programs as strength & conditioning. If it can't come from their school then there needs to be more affordable resources for tutoring young football players.

Players and their parents also need help with recruiting and it would be ideal if every high school head coach had a dedicated recruiting coordinator on his staff to handle the task. This person would be proactive with providing college coaches with game film, transcripts and scheduling visits to university campuses. The recruiting coordinator would also be in charge of educating families on the whole recruiting process so they don't waste their time attending events with little to no benefit to the participants.

Some schools have a person like this but at most schools the head coach is expected to do it and trust me, his plate is full enough. High school head coaches may not want to admit it, but they could really use some help.

A Viable Solution:

The B2G Elite Series

Ultimate Competition • Expert Instruction
Peer Camaraderie • College Simulation

The all expense paid Elite Program is the absolute best opportunity to prepare for competition and the speed of football as talent evens out. It's far from a combine, yet not "just another camp." B2G Elite is designed to elevate the talent of tomorrow's college stars!

What to Expect:

  • Three days and three nights at UCLA (meals included) with the nation's top prospects
  • Competitive training regiments and film study
  • Collegiate-styled schedules consisting of practice, meetings, and workshops, featuring character building activities
  • Official scouts and other former college and pro players as mentors

Participants are also immersed in an array of topics such time management, academic requirements, post-college career options, public image and investing - all designed to create a more well-rounded experience, on and off the field.

We are hosting our Showcase to give sleepers a chance to earn an invitation to the Elite Camp while participants get a crash course on what it takes to compete at a high level.

Message to all who play a part in raising our young football players:

Let's help them focus on the right things by promoting resources that are in their best interests and activities that will make them better prepared for their futures.

For more info on our events, log onto or call 310-482-0405.


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