GSSI Tests Locker

Former Washington QB Jake Locker tests at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) in New York City. Locker is one of 14 NFL prospects featured in the new web series "Everything to Prove."

With Vince Young and Kerry Collins as their quarterbacks, it was widely known that the Tennessee Titans were in the market to draft a quarterback. Many critics were surprised when the Titans decided to draft Jake Locker with their eighth pick but still many believe he will be a perfect fit in Tennessee's run first offense. caught up with the former University of Washington star in New York while he was doing some testing for Gatorade before the draft.

Locker had a chance to work with Gatorade during the week of the Super Bowl and he continued his work the week of the draft. "We are doing a little film called ‘Everything to Prove' with Gatorade," said Locker. "We are working with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, doing different test trying to get the most out of our bodies," Locker said.

While Locker was has been putting most of his focus preparing for the NFL draft, he was always planning for his wedding in July. "I have an amazing fiancée," said Locker. "She takes care of most of the planning and asks for my opinion when she feels she needs it. She has allowed me to focus on this important process," Locker said.

Locker was probably the biggest recruit to commit to the Huskies since Marques Tuiasosopo. He had most of the Pac Ten wanting his services and even had a promising future in baseball but decided to stay in state and play for the hometown Huskies. "Proximity to my family was a big thing," says Locker. "Being able to play for a team when I was young was the best not only in the Pac Ten but in the country. I saw how successful it could be and I wanted to be apart of bring that success back," said Locker.

After starting his Husky career with Ty Willingham, Locker played his last two seasons under the direction of former BYU start quarterback Steve Sarkisian. It's easy to say that Coach Sarkisian had a lot to do with Locker success in his last two seasons with the Huskies. "In Coach Sarkisian's offense you are asked to things that you have to do in the next level," says Locker. "He has made this process go a little me smoothly. I feel like I more prepared for the next level now," said Locker.

Jake Locker was arguably the most popular player to every don the Husky football uniform. Husky fans quickly dubbed him Montlake Jake and he was expected to be the savior of the program. "We do have a great fan base. It was awesome how much they supported us during the good times and the bad," Locker said. "I'm so thankful for all those people and I'm glad they stuck it out with us," says Locker.

Some people have described Locker as the next Brett Favre or the right handed Steve Young. One of his many strengths is his ability to throw on the run. "Everyone is a little bit different on how they play the game and what style they have," Locker says. "It's just an honor to be compared to those guys. I just want to be successful," said Locker.

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