Rubio Nike Summer Camp Natl.Tour: Georgia

A look at the standouts at the Rubio Nike Summer Camp in Georgia...

Rubio Long Snapping and Chris Sailer Kicking continued their Nike Summer camps in GA on July 15, 2011. Long Snappers representing AL, GA, SC, FL, TN and MS came out to learn from the best and get the most exposure out there for Long Snappers in the country. Rubio Long Snapping is continuing to dominate the Long Snapping world with over 135 Long Snappers sent to college in the past two years. Rubio Long Snapping already even has three 2012 Long Snappers that have been offered full scholarships and committed!

Long snapping instructor Chris Rubio of Rubio Long Snapping / Chris Sailer Kicking was on hand to guide the snappers through the various sections of the camp. The camp's many facets were on-field instruction, film/classroom review, recruiting seminar led by the NCSA along with Rubio and Chris Sailer, and wrapped up with a competition.

The winner of the Nike Summer Camp in GA was Tucker Etheridge (GA). Tucker, coming off a great TOP 12 and EVENT ELITE Camp, was outstanding all day in GA. Tucker has now won two Rubio Long Snapping camps in GA and looks like he was well on his way to dominating them all in the future. His form is darn near perfect and snaps a very solid, crisp ball. Good speed and accuracy that any college would love.

Along with Tucker, there was an abundance of talent with the top Long Snappers in attendance being the following:

2012 Long Snappers
• Reid Ferguson (2012, GA) – Reid is continuing on his path to greatness. Body is solid and speed is terrific. Very violent when he snaps. It is a show when Reid is snapping a punt. LSU got a great one.
• Cory Cheadle (2012, SC) – Cheadle is flat out becoming dominant with his Long Snapping. Extremely flexible with exceptional form make him a great one for the next level. Terrific personality and speed.
• Dan LaMontagne (2012, GA) – Dan continues to perfect his form and enable him to use every single bit of his body. Very athletic.
• Nick Brown (2012, GA) – One of the best built Long Snappers in the country. Listens very well and improves by the hour. Keep an eye on Nick.
• John DePalma (2012, GA) – John has improved a ton in less than one year. He is extremely long and very coacheable. Moving right into being one of the top Long Snappers in the country.
• Ryan Eustace (2012, GA) – Exceptional form on this quick learning Long Snapper. Snaps directly to the target with every snap. Excellent human being. Will be a benefit to any team.

Other notables: Trent Frix (GA), Andrew VanZandt (FL), Eliot Arno (GA), JC Barefield (GA), Will Sharpton (TN)

2013/2014/2015 Long Snappers
• Ike Powell (2014, GA) – Ike did very well for his first Rubio Long Snapping camp. Handled pressure well and made it into the finals vs Tucker.
• Casey Wilson (2014, GA) – Casey has excellent speed and a solid demeanor for such a young Long Snapper. Watch him.
• Davis Winkie (2014, GA) – Incredible improvement in a short amount of time.
• Blake Ferguson (2015, GA) – Blake is well beyond the average 2015 Long Snapper. If he keeps this up, people will say Reid who?
Rubio Long Snapping and Chris Sailer Kicking will have stops this summer and fall in CA, IL, NC, GA and TX with all camps leading right into the 10th Annual National Kicking and Snapping Event sponsored by Nike in Las Vegas on January 14-15, 2012. This Event is open to ALL and is the biggest kicking, punting and long snapping camp in the world.

For more information, go to and feel free to contact Chris Rubio at Don't forget to read the Rubio Long Snapping blog at For continuous Rubio Long Snapping information, follow him on Twitter: @RubioSnapping.

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