Sailer Nike Summer Camp Natl. Tour: Texas

A look at the standouts at the Sailer Nike Summer Camp in Texas...

Chris Sailer Kicking recently visited Dallas, TX for the final Nike camp of the summer. As always, the talent in Texas did not disappoint. Kickers and Punters from over 10 states attended the very popular one-day camp. Take a look at the champions and the future stars from the camp!

Champion: Izzy DePlaza (2012 TX) – Izzy stepped up once again like he always does. He has proven that he is one of the very best field goals kickers in the nation. The "TOP 12" Kicker is extremely consistent and steps up most in pressure situations. He also has a strong leg on kickoffs. Izzy is going to be a dependable D1 kicker!

Other 2012 Standouts:

Josh Lambert (TX) – Josh is a great D1A prospect. He has proven to be a top national combo prospect. His field goals are solid off the ground, kickoffs are 70+ with 4.0+ hang time, and punts are 40+ with 4.5+ hang time. Josh is also very strong mentally. Josh is a D1 scholarship pick.

Isaac Arellano (TX) – The JC kicker was perhaps the most ready D1 kicker on this day. He has a great leg, gets nice height on his ball, and makes kicks with consistency. He is also a capable under. Isaac is going to be a solid college player.

Josh King (TX) – Josh is a solid kicker. He has a good leg and has incredible accuracy. He is one of the most consistent prospects in the country. Josh is going to be a fine college kicker.

Tyler Dement (TX) – Tyler is a very talented kicking prospect. He had one of the strongest legs at the camp. He has the ability to hit a big time D1 ball. Tyler showed a ton of potential and proved that he is a D1 prospect.

Joe Figenshaw (TX) – Joe was by the far the top punting prospect at the camp. He is an outstanding athlete that has a great D1 punting frame. Joe averaged well over 40 yards per punt, with 4.5+ hang time. Joe is a legitimate D1 prospect.

Others to keep an eye on: Don Oliver (LA), Camden Bohnert (OK), Keegan Carter (OK), Ryan Beck (TX), Sam Fowler (TX), Spencer Lindsay (NE), and Zach Paul (TX)

Top 2013 Talent: Austin Shoemake (TX), Elliot Fry (TX), Jonathan Barnes (LA), Troy Price (LA), and Tyler Sarrazin (LA), and Anthony Bruno (TX)

Top 2014 Talent: Sam Downey (TX), and Austin McGehee (AR).

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