Chris Rubio Long Snapping Contest

The 10th annual long snapping contest for Rubio Longsnapping...

It is that time of the year again where our massive Vegas camp, The 10th Annual National Kicking and Snapping Event sponsored by Nike in Las Vegas on January 14-15, 2012 is right around the corner. Just like last year, I will be having another contest for ANY Long Snapper in the world that would like to participate to win. This contest will be a bit different, but with the same result: the winner earns a FREE admission to our Vegas Event. 

Our annual Vegas Event is by far the biggest and best instructional/competition camp in the world for Long Snappers. Hundreds of Long Snappers have attended and earned full scholarships to play for major D1 universities across the country. This camp is open to all on a first come, first served basis and I wanted to create one more way for you to get there this winter. 

Here are the guidelines of the contest: 

Who: ANY Long Snapper from 8th grade to their second year of junior college 

What: You will create a YouTube video that explains 

Why: Your video will basically be a commercial for Rubio Long Snapping.

- Your video can be no longer than one minute in length.
- Your video may have other Long Snappers in it, but, if you win, the prize would have to be adjusted accordingly. For instance, if there are two Long Snappers in the video, you would split the prize by two...both would not earn a free admission.
- You can have non-Long Snappers in your video. For instance, feel free to add your parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, friends, girlfriends, teachers, coach, etc.
- I do NOT want to see any negativity on the video towards others. No derogatory comments within the video please.
- The more creative your video, the better. Trust me, I know everyone does not have million dollar HD cameras to create top of the line videos. I don't care about that at all. I am looking for the content: does your video entertain and promote Rubio Long Snapping? If so, you will win. This is NOT a video of you just snapping. You will need to entertain and promote. Think of it this way: after watching your video, someone should be sprinting to their computer to find out more information about Rubio Long Snapping and definitely want to be a part of the Rubio Long Snapping family.
- On that note, if the video quality is terrible you will have an uphill battle. I need to be able to see it clearly.

When: All entries must be submitted to me by no later than October 7th, 2011 (one week prior to the early registration deadline) 

Where: Email your entries, and any further questions, to 

Why: To earn a FREE admission toThe 10th Annual National Kicking and Snapping Event sponsored by Nike in Las Vegas on January 14-15, 2012. (flight, hotel and food are on your own. I will cover your admission fee for the camp) 

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