Rubio Longsnapping: Nike Fall Camp- L.A.

A look at some of the top performers at the Los Angeles Nike Fall Camp...

Rubio Long Snapping and Chris Sailer Kicking began their Nike Fall camps in CA on September 25, 2011. Long Snappers came out to learn from the best and get the most exposure out there for Long Snappers in the country. Rubio Long Snapping is continuing to dominate the Long Snapping world with over 135 Long Snappers sent to college in the past two year. Rubio Long Snapping already even has five 2012 Long Snappers that have been offered full scholarships and committed!

Long snapping instructor Chris Rubio of Rubio Long Snapping / Chris Sailer Kicking was on hand to guide the snappers through the various sections of the camp. The camp's many facets were on-field instruction, film/classroom review, recruiting seminar led by the NCSA along with Rubio and Chris Sailer, and wrapped up with a competition.

The winner of the Nike Fall Camp in CA was Anthony Roel (CA). Roel is a JC Long Snapper that was dominant all day. Form is near perfect and he has come along way with his snapping. Ball is very fast and he moves well on his feet. Really doing well and should find a nice home next year at a four year. Roel has an excellent attitude and performs very well under pressure.

Along with Roel, there was an abundance of talent with the top Long Snappers in attendance being the following:

  • Cole Mazza (2013, CA) is still the top 2013 Long Snapper in the country. He has a terrific frame, fast snap and incredible drive. He continues on this path, nothing will stop him as eyes a scholarship in the near future.
  • Josh Antol (2012, CA) has an exceptionally fast snap that is right on target. Could have easily been the winner of the camp. Just missed by a couple inches each snap. Excellent attitude Watch him.
  • Sodie Orr (2012, CA) has thickened up his body and is snapping the ball very hard. Really using a lot of force to get the ball back to the punter. Excellent form and attitude.
  • Ryan DiSalvo (2012, CA) is coming into his own with his snapping. Very long athlete that uses his length well. Incredibly smooth when he snaps the ball to the punter.
  • Erik Thompson (2013, CA) has really improved in the past couple years. Body is really starting to take off in the right direction. Snapping with purpose now. Looking extremely smooth and solid.
  • Duke Moran (2012, CA) has improved immensely in just one year's time. Exceptional frame for a Long Snapper and he moves very well. Student of the game. Watch him. He keeps improving and he will be way up the charts.

Other notables: Wesley Bertoni (CA), Jason Diffee (CA), Aaron Held (CA), Forrest Stevens (CA), Niko Walsh (CA), Blake Word (CA), Connor Kelsey (CA) and Christian Samarzich (CA)

Rubio Long Snapping and Chris Sailer Kicking will have stops this fall in CA, IL, NC, GA and TX with all camps leading right into the 10th Annual National Kicking and Snapping Event sponsored by Nike in Las Vegas on January 14-15, 2012. This Event is open to ALL and is the biggest kicking, punting and long snapping camp in the world.

For more information, go to and feel free to contact Chris Rubio at Don't forget to read the Rubio Long Snapping blog at For continuous Rubio Long Snapping information, follow him on Twitter: @RubioSnapping.


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