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Duarte (Calif.) linebacker Denzel Talifero is a recent a transfer from Pasadena (Calif.) Muir. Check inside as the rising prospect talks about the latest in his recruitment...

For Duarte (Calif.) linebacker Denzel Talifero, this off-season is an important one. Like many players, Talifero been putting in extra effort to get more collegiate attention. However, the linebacker recently transferred from Pasadena (Calif.) Muir and is spending the spring getting to know his new teammates.

"Just working together has been great. I'm practicing with them every day, putting that work in. We have a period for P.E. and from two o'clock to around four or five o'clock we're either running or in the weight room. If we're not running, we're in the weight room and if we're not in the weight room, we're running!" he laughed.

In addition to his team's off-season workouts, Talifero has been attending B2G Instinct Training Camps and has a few things he's personally working on to improve his skills as a player.

"Instinct is probably my greatest strength as a player and probably the most important one, too. Just knowing where I should be and where I'm supposed to be at all times is something I'm good at, and I've been doing a lot of speed work and trying to improve my versatility. I just want to get faster and work on playing multiple positions so I have more options," he said.

Talifero currently holds an offer from SMU, which he received as a sophomore from former Mustangs offensive line coach (and current UCLA offensive line coach) Adrian Klemm.

Talifero recently attended UCLA's Junior Day, and told FOX Sports NEXT his visit was "great" and that he enjoyed both the campus and athletic facilities.

The linebacker, who will potentially also attend Arizona State's Junior Day later this spring, has previously said USC and UCLA were two of his top programs. However, Talifero is now a bit more open.

"Any of them, all of them!" he said when asked about his top schools.

"I don't have any favorites right now. Recruiting has been a little bit slow and my highlights are just now getting out. I'm just trying to be patient and hope for good things to come. I just want to go to a school where it feels like a family and know that when football is over, I'll still be okay and have good contacts," he said.

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