Prodigy HS Football Camps

Prodigy Athletes to offer High School Football Camp from July 6-8...



Where: Patricia H. Birdsall Field


When: July 6 - July 8       8-11AM

July 7 from 4-9pm for Passing Camp and 7 on 7 Competition


Who: Class of 2013, 2014, and 2015


Why:  If your athletes want to play at the next level, he will be coached and evaluated by current college coaches from D1, D2 and D3 college football programs.


Cost:  Session cost is $200 per athlete and includes 8am-11am Fri-Sun field work, a Prodigy Athletes football jersey, and workouts at the Prodigy Athletes gym in Temecula.

The Prodigy Athletes High School Football Camp features the premier Division 1, 2 and 3 college coaches in the nation. High school athletes that participate in this football camp will have the opportunity to learn from and showcase their talent to college coaches from the University of Washington, UCLA, Sacramento State, Occidental, Washington State, and many others.

High School Athletes that participate must provide a recent transcript, highlight videos/game film, NCAA #, so that we may create their profile for the camp.

The summer camp will be filmed and high school athletes will have the opportunity to review or have highlight films from camp made for them.

Everyday will start with stretching and speed and agility drills to help build solid foundations for football players; and to give athletes a jumpstart on the conditioning that is going to be required of them.

The athletes will then move into individual position drills that will help them understand the specific roles and responsibilities of their positions.

The coaches and their respective teams will then go to Team Offense and Defense to prepare for everyday scrimmages. The scrimmages will help the coaches evaluate whether skills and techniques are being implemented in game time situations.

The college coaches will also be providing coaches clinics for youth, high school, or college coaches each week at the Prodigy Athletes gym in Temecula, CA.

Prodigy Athletes is a proud partner of the Polynesian All American Game, and the California State All American Game.


Required Forms (click to download):    Waiver    Physical    Sign-Up




Speed and Agility- 15 minutes are spent for stretching, and student athletes will rotate to 8 varying stations at 3 minutes a station. Student athletes will constantly rotate out for water during this period.


Individuals- College Coaches and Assistant Coaches will run student athletes through positional drills.


Team O/D- College Coaches and Assistant Coaches will run the team through plays, formations and defensive schemes they will need to know for 7 on 7 and scrimmages. Big Men will go back to individuals and 1 on 1s during 7 on 7.


Full Contact Scrimmage- Keep them high. College Coaches will run the Offense and Defense that best allows them to evaluate the ability of the student athletes to apply technique to game time situations.


Weights- Week long campers will finish camp, and then eat and rest until their scheduled weight lifting slot. The one hour session is high energy with power plyometrics, power and explosive exercises integrated with traditional weight lifting to maximize the body's hormone output.


Coaches' Clinics- Participating College coaches will provide 1 hour sessions on position specific drill, techniques and strategies. Offensive and Defensive Coordinators will discuss Xs and Os. Youth football, high school and college coaches are welcome to participate. Please call to reserve a seat. These clinics will be held at the Prodigy Athletes gym.



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