B2G Underclassmen Showcase

The first of a series of Underclassmen Showcases set to take place this WEEKEND! The Underclassmen Showcase is an opportunity for top youth and high school athletes to earn an invitation to three prestigious events...

How B2G Works to Preserve the Sanctity of Football

A growing number of issues are threatening the mission of what high school sports are supposed to be about - teaching teenagers about life and preparing them for the future."


~Eric Sondheimer of the LA Times


This year B2G Sports is doing a few things differently for the benefit of players that attend our events and for the future of football in general.

  1. The B2G Showcase (Now April 28th-29th at L.A. Valley College) will include an extra day of skill training to better prepare participants for the following day of 1-on-1 and 7-on-7 competition 

  2. We are now accepting financial hardship applications for the Showcase, specifically for players who need assistance; this will allow for a half-priced fee or a full fee waiver 

  3. After 12 years of charging for the three day overnight experience of the B2G Elite Camp (June 28th-July 1st at UCLA), it will now be free to all invited participants.

We are excited to offer such vital resources to more players who will potentially be filling up college and NFL rosters down the road. Too many talented players are unable to afford the skill training that has become such a huge and proven advantage for past and current B2G participants.


It is our goal to help raise the quality of football played nationally by developing more young athletes into polished players with higher football IQ.


The next era has emerged in football with new trends and this makes our goal a lot easier said than done:


The Current Demand:

Recruiting exposure, college scholarships, off-season competition, rankings


The Latest Supply:

Limitless combines, non-scholastic 7-on-7 tournaments, college camps, recruiting publications


The Changes: 

The football off-season has become overly saturated with events aimed at exposure, rankings, scholarships and for some, NFL draft potential, but development is lacking.


High school players are now enhancing their recruitment, not by improving their skills, but by being more exposed. Even some youth coaches ignore skill development now, focusing instead on attracting new players with existing skill sets or athleticism.


The Problem:


Without a focus on developing football players, the off-season of today's student-athlete will continue to water down the sport.  As fewer players understand the game's nuances or possess fundamental skills there will be less talent available to advance the game. Players and their parents are often focused on the wrong things because of what is widely advertised to them.


Education about the history of the game, the importance of solid training and nutrition, and balancing the demands of a student-athlete lifestyle, must be emphasized in order for a player to succeed, on and off the field.


Another area of concern are combines and the latest infatuation with non-scholastic 7-on-7 tournaments.


It takes a lot of focused time to prepare for the testing done at combines. The tests are not football specific and are poor indicators of game time success.  Also, the results are often compared to those of the NFL Combine so it is of no surprise that most kids walk away disappointed. To top it all off, combines aren't a main priority for college coaches when it comes time to decide to whom they should offer scholarships. Coaches study game film and/or evaluate players who compete at their camps in football specific drills. Yet, more combines continue to emerge because players and parents are misinformed.





Stay tuned for Part Two which will examine the new 7 on 7 tournaments, the dilemma coaches face, as well as answers and solutions to these issues.

For more info on our events, log onto www.B2GSports.com or call 310-482-0405.


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