Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Event- NC & GA

Results from the April event in North Carolina and Georgia for Chris Sailer Kicking...

Chris Sailer Kicking recently wrapped up its 2012 Nike Spring Camp Tour with camps in Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA.  Well over 100 specialists from over 15 states were in attendance.  The talent was extremely impressive rivaling earlier camps in Dallas and Los Angeles.  Take a look at the standouts. 

Charlotte, NC
Champion: Will O'Briant (Class of 2013, NC) - Will was impressive from start to finish.  He was easily the favorite heading into the competition and he proved why in the finals.  His field goals are smooth and consistent off the ground.  His kickoffs are D1 ready and he also shows punting ability.  Will is a solid D1 recruit. 

2012 Standout
Tyler Hull (NC) - The South Carolina bound punter had another stellar day.  He has a huge leg and has proven time and time again that he has a great chance of being a top college punter. 

2013 Standouts
Taylor Archer (NC) - Taylor is a very consistent performer.  He is a talented kicker that kicks well off the ground.  His his kickoffs are also solid.  Taylor has the tools to compete at any college level. 

Mitchell Ludwig (VA) - Mitchell proved that he is a top national combo prospect.  His strength on the day was his punting.  He hit several ball over 5.0 seconds and 50 plus yards.  He was also big on kickoffs and showed potential on field goals.  Mitchell is a definite D1 recruit. 

Other 2013 Standouts: Spencer Landfried (NC), Alex Louthan (FL), Austin Moore (NE), Ben Kepley (NC), Garrett Lee (VA), Mitch Lochbihler (NC), Thomas Gallitz (FL)

2014 Standouts
Carson Wise (VA) - Carson is a talented young kicker.  He has a strong leg and gets great height on his ball.  His kickoffs are also coming along. 

Alex Spence (SC) - Alex is a solid combo prospect (K/P).  A good looking athlete that should compete for both a kicking and punting spot at the college level.

Other 2014 Standouts: Dorian Naiditch (PA), Topher Kline (NC)

2015 Standouts - Jackson VanSickle (NC), Dylan Baker (NC)

Atlanta, GA
Champion: David Petroni (Class of 2013, GA) - The Chris Sailer Kicking "TOP 12" Member proved himself once again.  He won field goal and punting competitions and easily defeated the other semifinalists in the head to head finals matchups.  David is a great athlete, performs well under pressure, and has a D1 leg.  He is one of the top D1 Combo prospects in the nation. 

2013 Standouts
Andrew Gantz (OH) - Andrew is an outstanding kicker.  He is smooth and accurate on field goals and big on kickoffs.  He hit several balls 70 plus yards with 4.10 plus hang time.  Nice D1 prospect. 

Jimmy Hutchinson (GA) - The Auburn commit and 4 year Chris Sailer Kicking Student was a standout punter once again.  Jimmy has all the tools and should be a terrific punter for Auburn. 

Other 2013 Standouts - Benson Mulvaney (AL), Blaine Bursey (FL), Canon Rooker (GA), Gianluca Heatherley (FL), Ian Wheeler (GA), Joseph Occhipinti (TN), Nathan Etheridge (GA), Nick VIsco (PA)

2014 Standouts
Aaron Medley (TN) - Aaron is the newly ranked #1 kicker in the nation Class of 2014.  Aaron is a great athlete that shows big time potential.  He was impressive once again at both the kicking and punting positions. 

Dallas Kepler (GA) - Dallas is a great kicker.  He has a strong leg and kicks with outstanding consistency.   He has all the tools. 

Logan Cooke (MS) - Logan had a great all around day.  He is going to be a top national punting prospect.  He also has kicking ability. 

Other 2014 Standouts: Austin McGehee (AR), Marc Nolan (GA), Michael Santamaria (GA), Rafael Gaglianone (TN), Troy Waites (MS), Cody Gottberg (GA)

2015 Standouts - Trey Blasingame (GA), Matt Bonadies (GA), Rodrigo Blankenship (GA)

Chris Sailer Kicking will next host the 10th Annual National Kicking & Snapping Spring Event - Sponsored by Nike in Las Vegas, NV May 12-13, 2012.  Hundreds of specialists will gather in hopes of gaining the ultimate national exposure.  Visit for complete player rankings and camp details. 


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