B2G Underclassmen Showcase

The final of a series of Underclassmen Showcases set to take place this weekend in Southern California...

B2G training has been known to the State of California to cause serious side effects that can change lives.

Potential Side Effects Include:
phone calls and visits from 
COLLEGE COACHES with scholarships to offer 

-A vast increase in national and regional MEDIA ATTENTION
-Heightened GAME AWARENESS and INSTINCTS that cause other high school players to look slow

-Frequent tournament and CHAMPIONSHIP VICTORIES, as well as individual honors such as All State and All American 

-An extreme improvement in FOOTWORK, TECHNIQUE, coordination and aggression

-An incredible boost of SELF CONFIDENCE and competitive drive to take on any opponent
Underclassmen Showcase - FREE!!!
We are finally back in LA and have decided to host ONE more showcase opportunity!

Where: Warren High School - (H.S. Only)

When: May 20th, 2012 at 2:30-5:30

WhyThe last Underclassmen Showcase will not only give players one final chance to earn an invite to the 13th Annual B2G Elite Camp and West Coast All Star Game, it will also include the pro caliber Instinct Training. 
This one day event is FREE and open to all, especially players who may have missed out in the past or maybe didn't feel like they did their best at a previous Showcase.
Register Today...
Instinct Training 
Summer Sessions 
Starts: Sunday May 27th, 2012
Where: Warren High School (H.S. Only)
When: 2:30pm

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