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The rankings and winners from the Charleston/Summerville event for

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. – The Ray Guy camp at Ashley Ridge High School found some future standouts.

Long-snapper Alex Attaway (class of 2013) showed plenty of potential despite attending his first long-snapping camp. staffer Ben Fuller was amazed at Attaway's talent considering the lack of training.

"His stance was terrible, he did a ton of things wrong and was still impressive," Fuller said. "He basically taught himself but had never been to a camp. I think he could help somebody. We were able to help him a lot in only one day."

Attaway, who is from South Carolina, was named on the talent search list because of that potential. He scored 19 of 30 on long-snapping accuracy and had a fast snap of 0.81. Those are the kind of statistics usually reserved for someone with training background.

"He has a lot of potential," Fuller said. "He's somebody people should keep an eye on."

The same could be said for kickers Max Huggins (class of 2013) and Brady Cormier (class of 2015), said staff coach Logan O'Connor. Both kickers are from South Carolina.

Huggins, from Myrtle Beach, made 80 percent of his 10 field goals and his kickoffs were consistently near the goal line or in the end zone.

"He's got the leg and got the potential," O'Connor said. "He can make better ball contact than he was."

Cromier, who attends Beaufort High School, is one to watch in the future, O'Connor said.

"He had the leg from all distances," O'Connor said. "He was 80 percent on field goals. His last two he missed were each by half a foot. He could have been 100 percent. He's one of the better kids I've seen at his age as far as ball contact-wise. He has a natural leg swing."

Cormier kickoffs sailed into the end zone once and two others were one or two yards from the goal line.

"He's a real young guy with a lot of potential," O'Connor said. "With some more practice and consistency, I think he'll be one of the top guys in a couple of years here."

Punter Truett Burns (class of 2013) of South Carolina also excelled at the camp as did kicker Patrick Woods (class of 2014) of North Carolina. Burns was the hang-time winner with a 43-yard kick with a 4.14 second hang time.

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. – Ray Guy camp rankings from the Charleston/Summerville camp at Ashley Ridge High School on May 18-19.

No. 1 kicker and kicker/punter combo: Max Huggins, class of 2013, South Carolina

No. 1 punter: Truett Burns, 2013, South Carolina

No. 1 long-snapper: Alex Attaway, 2013, South Carolina

No. 1 kickoff specialist: Patrick Woods, 2014, North Carolina.

Long Distance Field Goal Winner:  Nicholson Jones, 50 yards

Long Distance Kickoff Winner:  Patrick Woods, 73 yards, 3.83 hang time

Hang time Punt Winner:  Truett Burns, 43 yards, 4.14 sec

Out of bounds right punt winner:  Chris Antley, 9-yard line

Out of bounds left punt winner:  Cameron Smith, 1-yard line

Fastest Single Snap: Alex Attaway, .81 sec

Most Accurate Snapper: Alex Attaway, 19/30

Talent Search

Alex Attaway, LS, 2013, South Carolina
Comment: Lots of potential and an excellent attitude.

Max Huggins, K, 2013, South Carolina
Comment: Consistent and has potential to get even better.

Brady Cormier, K, 2015, South Carolina
Comment Has great ball contact and has the tools to become a good kicker.


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