10th National Kicking & Snapping Spring Event

Results from the May event in Las Vegas for Chris Sailer Kicking...

Chris Sailer Kicking recently wrapped up its Spring National Tour with the 10th Annual National Kicking & Snapping Spring Event in Las Vegas, NV on May 12-13, 2012.  Well over 300 athletes from all over the world traveled to Las Vegas to compete for national exposure and college scholarships.  45 of the best college and pro specialists were on hand to help guide and coach the perspective college athletes.  The talent was impressive and the best of the best stepped up when it counted the most.  The weekend consisted of drills, recruiting seminars, competition, and evaluation.  Take a look to see who stepped up. 

Field Goal Champion:  Joe Pierik (Riverside H.S. CA – Class of 2013) – Joe is a talented kicker that will be playing on Saturdays soon.  He was consistent from start to finish, scoring high in both the initial round and finals round of the competition. 

Punting Champion:  Ken Kester (Foothill J.C. CA – Class of 2013) – Ken is the #1 ranked punter in the nation and he proved it once again.  He won both the initial round and finals round punting competitions.  Ken hit several balls 50 plus yards with 5.0 plus second hang-times.  Ken is a sure fire D1A Scholarship Pick! 

Kickoff Champion:  Jordan Dascalo (Taft H.S. CA – 2013) – Jordan performed at a high level in the field goal, kickoff, and punting competitions.  He is a great athlete that continues to prove that he is a D1A Scholarship Pick.  He is perhaps the most talented specialist in CA. 

Competition Champions:
Field Goal Last Man Standing (Class of 2015 / 2014) – Hayden Lekacz (IL)
Field Goal Last Man Standing (Class of 2013) – Elliott Fry (TX)
Field Goal Last Man Standing (Class of 2013 / 2012) – Ty Cummings (TX)
Punting Last Man Standing (All Classes) – Daniel Cadona (Australia)
Punting Streak (All Classes) – Ruben Guzman
Punting Head to Head (All Classes) – Ken Kester

Initial Round Field Goal (Class of 2015) – Jack O'Brien (CA)

Initial Round Field Goal (Class of 2014) – Yanni Routsas (TX)

Initial Round Field Goal (Class of 2013) – Joe Pierik (CA)

Initial Round Field Goal (Class of 2012 / Junior College) – Michael Mesh (KS)

Initial Round Kickoff (Class of 2015) – Ben Kreitenberg (CA)

Initial Round Kickoff (Class of 2014) – Michael Santamaria (GA)

Initial Round Kickoff (Class of 2013) – Jordan Dascalo (CA)

Initial Round Kickoff (Class of 2012 / Junior College) – Connor Derby (CA) & Trevor Lowe (NV)

Initial Round Punt (Class of 2015) – Andrew David (OH)

Initial Round Punt (Class of 2014) – Michael Knoll (OH)

Initial Round Punt (Class of 2013) – Elliott Fry (TX)

Initial Round Punt (Class of 2012 / Junior College) – Ken Kester (CA)


"Event Elite"

Class of 2014

Michael Knoll (OH)

Michael Santamaria (OH)

Mick Ellis (TX)

Hayden Lekacz (IL)


Class of 2013

Cameron Van Winkle (WA)

Joe Pierik (CA)

Will O'Briant (NC)

Andrew Gantz (OH)

Jonathan Barnes (LA)

Elliott Fry (TX)

Matt Anderson (CA)

Mitchell Howard (CA)

Chris Gulla (NJ)

Jake Lanski (CA)

Daniel Cadona (Australia)
Dean Crozier (Australia)

Tyson Kruse (Australia)

Hector Dominguez (CA)

Ruben Guzman (CA)

Andrew Antognoli (CA)

J.J. McGrath (MI)

Colby Wadman (CA)

Nick Neidig (IN)

Shane Tripucka (TX)

Jackson Braught (OK)

Canon Rooker (GA)

Parker Campbell (CA)

Austin Shoemake (TX)

Cody Wicker (TX)

Andrew Endicott (CA)


The "Event Elite" will join the already existing "TOP 12" (Ty Cummings, Alex Biby, Jimmy Hutchinson, Jonathan King, Jay Mattox, Chris Callahan, Jordan Dascalo, Bret Miller, Ken Kester, Joey Cejudo, Connor Derby, Jed Barnett, David Petroni, Connor Shennan, Michael Geiger, and Matt Wogan) at the exclusive "Invite Only" camp June 22-24 in Los Angeles.  For more information, complete statistics and rankings, go to www.ChrisSailerKicking.com

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