New Orleans Rankings & Winners

The rankings and winners from the New Orleans event for

New Orleans – Trevor Vincent, a highly regarded kicker-punter prospect, emerged as one of the top finds at the Ray Guy camps latest stopover.

Vincent, a class of 2013 prospect, boomed a kickoff 74 yards and also had the best hang time as a punter among the athletes at the camp.

Other top prospect included Jack Hebert, a long-snapper from Louisiana  (class of 2014).

"He's an athlete who happens to long-snap," said camp staffer Nathan Thesus, a University of Georgia long-snapper. "He just looks athletic. I think he has a great future."

Kicking prospects included Trey Belleu (Louisiana, 2014), Dylan Scheuric (Louisiana, 2013), Rene Thibodaux (Louisiana, 2014) and kicker-punter Gunnar Raborn (Louisiana, 2014).

Here are the rankings and competition winners from the academy:

No. 1 kicker, punter, kicker-punter combo, punter-kickoff specialist and kickoff specialist: Trevor Vincent, La., class of 2013.

No. 1 long-snapper: Ronald McClelland, La., class of 2012.

Long Distance Field Goal Winner, high school: Tyler Douchet, 56 yards; middle school, Christopher Freibert.

Long Distance Kickoff Winner: Trevor Vincent, 74 yards.

Hang Time Punt Winner:  Trevor Vinent, 50 yards, 4.88 hang time.

Out of bounds punt right winner: Brennan Foster, 4-yard line.

Out of bounds punt left winner: Brfandon Richoux, 2 yard line.

Fastest single snap: Ronald McClelland, .76 seconds.

Most accurate snapper: Gavin Housend (15/30), Damon Vincent (15/30), E.J. Pomykak (15/30).

Top Prospects

Trevor Vincent, La., K/P, 2013

Trey Belleu, La., K, 2014

Dylan Scheuric, La., K, 2013

Rene Thibodaux, La., K, 2014

Gunnar Raborn, La., K/P, 2014

Jack Hebert, LS, La., 2014


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