ReceiverTech: NorCal Region Wrap-Up

A look at who stood out at the ReceiverTech NorCal Region Camp...

Father of Derek Jones

"The biggest impression I walked away with was the level / quality of instruction. I came to the event with the perception this would be a competition only….simply run drills, measure, etc. But left impressed with the depth and quality of instruction provided in a relatively short period. Derek learned techniques and drills throughout the day that he started incorporating into his normal routine the day after the event.

Another positive outcome for me as a dad was to see my son's confidence build throughout the day. He was quite nervous entering the day, unsure of how his skills stacked up against a high level of competition. His confidence at the end of the event was very high but most importantly he knows how hard he needs to work to get even better."

Arian Ohadi RT Athlete

" the camp was far more than I thought it be, it was intense! There was a great majority of competition in every drill. The drill I found most difficult was the tennis ball drill, I never knew catching a tennis ball would be so difficult. I learned a lot at the RT25 camp and I plan on using the techniques I was taught thought my football years."

Bradford Buenzli RT Athlete

"I really enjoyed the whole RT25 experience. What I learned is 'Every off day you take it makes you that much easier to beat.'"

Father of Jaden Sawyer

"Coach Collie,

Thank you for a great day of learning and competition on Saturday. Jaden came away with a better understanding of the receiver position and many things he can continue to work on at home. More important, continuing to work hard each and everyday.

The instruction provided by you and your staff was excellent. I was impressed. The step by step process for running routes is what Jaden needed to hear and understand. Your opening speech was great. From the stories about your first son to your last, the messages were real and clear."

Kevin McClean RT 25 Athlete

" I thought that it was a very good experience to see what I can work on to make it to the next level. The competition at the camp gave me some insight into the amount of skill that the northern California area had to offer. I also thought that the drills and exercises were a good way to measure most, if not all, the aspects that a good receiver should have.

This camp was easily one of the more fun camps that I have been to. The drills that we did had a dimension that I had not seen before. The gauntlet, tennis ball and jugs machines were new training techniques that I had not used personally, but I definitely enjoyed them and I hope to be able to use them in the future.

I appreciate the coaching and instructions that were given throughout the day. It was direct and specific. I have been given coaching in the past that is very vague and not very helpful but that wasn't the case here. I felt like there was a concensus in the group that we were all having a good time and at the same time getting good constructive feedback. It was nice to be able to meet different players from different areas as well. Overall I enjoyed the whole camp and I would recommend it to any receivers that are looking for additional coaching. Having both the Collie sons there was also a huge positive. Getting coaching from a coach is nice but getting it from an NFL player is more special and I believe that is one advatange the RT25 camps have over others.

Thanks a lot for the experience I had a great time,"

Kevin McClean

I want to thank each of you for your participation in the NorCal Region RT25 WR Competition. I particularly want to thank Luther Burbank High School and Coach Heffernan for hosting the event. We could not have done it without them. And finally, a special thanks to the parents of the athletes for supporting your sons and our event.

Scoring Format for each Event


1st Run Total Points (5) Balls 5pts per ball.

2nd Run Total Points (5) Balls 5 pts per ball -5 pts out of bounds and -3 if Body Catch

Routes vs Air

(1) Curl 25 Pts Average of both scores awarded by judges

(1) Comeback 25 Pts Average of both scores awarded by judges

(1) PostCorner/Sluggo 25 PTs Average of both scores awarded by judges

3 Step Velocity

Step 1 (3) Balls 5 pts per ball Step 1 Total 15pts

Step 2 (5) Tennis Balls 5 pts per ball Step 2 Total 25pts

Step 3 (3) Balls 10 pts per ball Step 3 Total 30 pts

RT25 Winners from the NorCal Region

Jaden Sawyer 161 Bellarmine College Prep

Kevin McClean 159.5 Beaverton, Or

Derek Jones 157.5 (4.289 Pro Agility) Eagle HS, Eagle Id

Bradford Buenzli 157.5 (4.327) Oakridge HS

Jailen Thompson 155.5 McNair HS

Arian Ohadi 154 Heritage HS, Brentwood

Tony Ellison 151Granite Bay HS

Cole Herrin 150.5 Ripon HS

Robert Ramirez 148 Newark Memorial HS

Christopher Hicks 147.5

Runner Up

Austin Griffith 145 John C Kimball

Congratulations to the NorCal Region "Top Ten".

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