Carta-Samuels Continues to Impress

One quarterback making his rounds and impressing on the camp scene is the 2014 quarterback recruit from Bellarmine College Prep School in San Jose, California, K.J. Carta-Samuels…

As the younger brother of Vanderbilt quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels, K.J. Carta-Samuels is getting a great view on how recruiting is and taking it with stride. His recent performance at IMG in Florida has set a buzz across the recruiting world and plenty of people are starting to take notice of the youngster.

Carta-Samuels possesses a strong arm and displays a very good awareness on the field at quarterback. His football IQ is superb and will only get better as he continues to get more experience.

What has recruiting been like for Carta-Samuels so far?

"It's going well," he says. "You can't control recruiting and my brother has taught me that you can't worry about what you can't control. So I have been focusing on just improving my skills and I have seen recruiting pick up as a result from this."

Picked up it has and teams are showing interest in the young signal-caller.

"Well, since I'm only going to be a junior, coaches cannot call me, but I am getting attention and mail from Cal, Stanford, Northwestern, USC, Harvard and other schools. I have to put the schools that I've been with this summer at the top and the ones where I have had an opportunity to meet the coaches."

While recruiting could be stressful for a junior-to-be, Carta-Samuels has the advantage of an older brother who already took part in this process.

"I think it is drastically easier for me than when he went through it," said Carta-Samuels. "He had no idea what to expect and what camps to go to, etc. I know the things that I should attend through his experiences. Also, he has taught me to not get too emotional about recruiting and not too excited when attention starts to come my way.

"He says there is always something more to work for and until you actually receive a scholarship from a school, college football is a business and I need to just keep working hard and focus on improving my skills and making my team better. I live by this and believe the rest will eventually take care of itself. My brother and I are best friends, we talk about everything."

When Carta-Samuels was asked if he had any preferences when it comes to a school, he said, "I have been a Stanford season ticket holder since I was little, but have always been a UCLA and Cal fan when watching football. I was never really a die-hard fan of anywhere, but I love Vanderbilt now that my brother goes there and I have had the chance to be around him, the players and the good thing they got going on down there right now.

"My first visit out there was awesome and this Sunday, I am looking forward to throwing and being out on the field my brother plays on."

Throwing is definitely a thing of beauty coming from Carta-Samuels and coaches have let him know it.

"Coaches love the fluidity and quickness of my release, but have said what is most impressive is that I can change speeds on the ball," Carta-Samuels said. "I know that sounds like a baseball reference, but I mean they say I throw with good zip, but also have good touch.

"They like the way I can switch it up depending on the route and the defense. Also, from the tape they have taken note of smart decision making, but it doesn't mean anything. I need to keep getting better."

Carta-Samuels joked, "Until I am better than my brother and the best in my family, I will always hear it from him."

When it comes to offers, Carta-Samuels doesn't currently have any, but he understands why and uses it to keep pushing forward.

"My brother and coaches have said schools are making a huge investment with money when they give you a full scholarship and I understand that until I get on the field and start a varsity game, that investment won't be secure enough for them. I can't realistically expect offers without varsity game tape yet. I'm just grateful for all this attention I'm getting from big-time schools without having played a game."

If you want to follow along with what Carta-Samuels is doing next, he'll be going to Vanderbilt on Sunday and Tennessee on Monday to show the coaches exactly what he's got. What he's got, as a junior-to-be, is plenty of talent.

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