Chris Sailer Kicking CA Nike SummerCamp Recap

Recapping the Chris Sailer Kicking CA Nike Summer Camp...

Chris Sailer Kicking – CA Nike Summer Camp Recap


Chris Sailer Kicking recently kicked off the 2012 Nike Summer Camp Tour.  The tour will include 5 camps with stops in Los Angeles, Chicago, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Dallas.  The summer will then conclude with the Junior Rank Prodigy Camp in Naples, FL on July 26th where Chris Sailer and Chris Rubio will help select the specialists for the SemperFi All-American Bowl.  The first stop on the tour was Los Angeles, CA.  Take a look at the results. 


Camp Champion: Rob McInerny (2013 CA) – Rob performed well all day.  His field goals were solid under pressure and he made kicks when they counted most.  His most impressive skill was his kickoffs.  He hit several balls 70+ yards with near 4.0 second hang time.  Rob is a solid college recruit. 


2013 Standouts

Ruben Guzman (JC CA) – Ruben is one of the top punting prospects in the nation.  The "TOP 12" Punter is perhaps the most consistent performer that we have seen this year.  He punts with a 40 plus yard average and 4.5 plus second hang time effortlessly.  Look for Ruben to have a big season at the junior college level and impress college coaches across the country. 


Hector Dominguez (JC CA) – Hector is another outstanding junior college punter.  He has improved at a rapid rate and will burst onto the junior college scene this upcoming season.  Hector is a great athlete that punts extremely well under pressure. 


Joey Cejudo (JC CA) – Joey is a big time D1 recruit.  He kicks and punts at a D1 scholarship level.  Look for Joey to be one of the top combo junior college prospects in the nation this upcoming season.  He has all the tools to step in and fill many roles at the highest level. 


Grant Fleming (CA) – Grant had a monster day.  He has as much overall potential as anyone in the country.  He has a huge leg and shows college level ability both as a kicker and punter.  Grant is a big, tall, strong, athletic recruit with huge upside.


Other 2013 Standouts: Jake Lanski (CA), Jeremiah Carter (CA), Roger Howard (CA), Colby Wadman (CA), Jordan Dascalo (CA), Nathan Pierpont (UT), and Patrick Cassley (CA).


2014 Standouts: Jon Weilbacher (CA), Cole Tracy (CA), Lucas Alfonso (CA), and Jackson Koonce (CA).


Top Underclassman Performer

Quinton Conaway (2015 OK) – Quinton put on a show all day.  He is a future star in the making.  He has a big time leg and showed the ability to hit 60 plus yard field goals.  His kickoffs are also huge.  College coaches will remember this name. 


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