Snap-Hold-Kick Top Punters 2012 Season

Corona HS, Norco HS & Mission Viejo HS Punters Highlight SHK Top-Performers List

Fontana, CA – July 18th, 2012 – In 2012, the importance of special teams players are without a doubt a critical part of the game plan for coaches at every level of football.  High school, college and professional teams are all aware of the importance of the Long-Snapper, Punter and Kicker for both field goals & kickoffs and the difference this may have on games won and lost.

Snap-Hold & Kick has three punters who represent some of the top-players at this position in both Southern California and the state: Robert Bogg – Norco HS, Shane Jacobs – Corona HS, and Tom Manning – Mission Viejo HS.  These three performers all enjoyed stellar Junior seasons, and with off-season conditioning are all expected to accomplish great things in the 2012 season. 


In 2011 the accomplishments of these young stars were overshadowed by two other Snap-Hold & Kick products - All-State Kicker Tyler Rauza of Vista Murrietta HS who tied for the National lead with 19 field goals on the season, and is headed to the University of Nevada (coached by Inland Empire product and College Football Hall of Fame Head Coach Chris Ault) & All-State Punter Garrett Swanson of Riverside King HS who is Fresno State bound who also kicked a 60-yard field goal against Corona Centennial, whose punt average ranked 2nd in the state and 5th in nation.
The Three Amigos:


The top prospect of the three is Robert Bogg from Norco HS.  At 6'6" and 240 lbs., Boggs obviously is an imposing figure, and one would guess you would find him lined up as a tight end rather than punting.  He consistently booms 40 yard punts with hang times that last forever.  He is also an accomplished student in the classroom with a GPA near 4.0.    


Shane Jacobs of Corona HS is considered the next best prospect in the SHK program.  Jacobs was the 62nd ranked punter in the state last year, and his stock is expected to rise considerably in the coming season.  He averaged over 30 yards a punt in his Junior season, with a season best 65-yard punt against Palm Springs HS.


Third on the list of top-performers is Mission Viejo HS punter Tom Manning.  The 6'2" 170 lb. Senior hopes his leg will play a part in helping lead the Monarchs into the Pac-5 Championship game in 2012.  Manning's best punt of 2011 was a 44-yard effort against South Coast league rival Tesoro.  With an intense regimen of training and conditioning this summer look for #4 to have a stellar 2012 campaign.     

Hugo Castellanos, the Founder of Snap-Hold-Kick expects great things from these Seniors and states, "We've provided these young men with an understanding of the commitment, discipline and persistence needed to be a successful performer on the football field.  I'm a firm believer that success starts with listening and learning from people who have perfected their craft.  I think the statement their punting makes this season will speak volumes about their preparation in approaching a level of excellence in themselves and for their team."
Castellanos, was an Honorable Mention All-American at the University of Texas El-Paso, and Green Bay Packer free agent signee also played at the semi-pro level for ten years before starting Snap-Hold-Kick. 
The Snap-Hold-Kick program consists of a 10-week skills workshop consisting of learning the art of snapping, holding and kicking techniques.  The training includes: 1) Proper alignment, approach, foot planting, and follow through for place kickers and punters, 2) Place kicking & punting drills that will increase accuracy and distance on kicks, 3) Leg strength exercises, 4) Proper holding techniques for holders, 5) Snappers will learn accuracy techniques with both short and long snaps, and 6) Live game simulations with all participants.. 


The annual Snap-Hold & Kick competition will also be taking place Saturday July 28th at the Ralph M. Lewis complex in Fontana, CA. 


Participants from local high schools and colleges are still welcome to attend and compete in the competition.  Entry information can be obtained for the Snap-Hold-Kick competition at 




Snap-Hold-Kick is designed to improve football-kicking skills and provide personal growth opportunities through a structured program in a relaxed learning environment.  The program integrates instruction on football special teams skills for kickers, punters, holders, and long snappers with speakers who present and discuss developmental life choices.

Clinic Objectives: 1) Provide a no-cost clinic to Inland Empire (Southern California) area football players who are interested in skills development, 2) Teach the participant the latest state of the art snap, hold and kick techniques that will positively influence their performance.

Some of the techniques that participants will work on are:

·         Proper alignment, approach, foot planting and follow through for place kickers/punters and much more.

·         Placekicking/punting drills that will increase accuracy and distance on kicks.

·         Calisthenics to increase leg strength.

·         Holders will learn the proper holding techniques that include positioning, handling of the ball and put downs.

·         Snappers will learn the techniques that will increase accuracy with their short and long snaps.

·         Work on a team concept between the snapper, holder and kicker.  This concept will increase the rate of a successful field goal, punt and get off time.

·         Participants will enjoy a relaxed learning environment.

Special Features:

Former college, NFL athletes and professional community members (attorneys, business, social workers, counselors, etc.) will be invited as volunteer motivational speakers.  The speakers will discuss an array of topics and themes.  The clinics will also have friendly kicking competitions during clinic days.  On the final day of the clinics, an all high school and college competition will be held to determine the best snappers, holders & kickers/punters in the Inland Empire.  Over 100 high schools all local colleges will be invited.  Upon request, personal instruction may be arranged for a fee to include hands on instruction, videotaping and review.

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