Rubio Long Snapping CA Nike Fall Camp Recap

Recapping the Rubio Long Snapping California Nike Fall Camp...

Rubio Long Snapping and Chris Sailer Kicking began their Nike Fall camps in CA on September 23rd, 2012. Long Snappers came out from AZ, CA, CO, NV and OK to learn from the best and get the most exposure out there for Long Snappers in the country. Rubio Long Snapping is continuing to dominate the Long Snapping world with over 150 Long Snappers sent to college in the past two years alone!!!! 

Long snapping instructor Chris Rubio of Rubio Long Snapping / Chris Sailer Kicking was on hand to guide the snappers through the various sections of the camp. The camp's many facets were on-field instruction, film/classroom review, recruiting seminar regarding NCSA and then a nutritional session on Herbalife24 and wrapped up with a competition.

The winner of the Nike Fall Camp in CA was Tyler Moore (2014, CA). Tyler is a large Long Snapper that has really fine-tuned his form in the past year to really utilize his size. He is snapping the ball very well and it is coming out nice and smooth. He handled pressure throughout the competition and earned himself a free admission to the 11th Annual National Snapping Event in Las Vegas on January 19-20, 2013!

Along with Moore, there was an abundance of talent with the top Long Snappers in attendance being the following: 

   Cole Mazza (CA, '13) was exceptional all day. Left no doubt he is the best in the country. Ball is crisp, he blocks very well and even with everyone gunning for him, he continues to rise.

   Chase Dominguez (CA, '13) is the best Long Snapper in the country that has not been offered. Tons of upside on this very long athlete that is beyond smooth when he snaps. Easy scholarship snapper.

   Matt Bayliss (OK, '13) came out from Oklahoma and was stunning all day long. Always has been long and built with potential and now he seems to be putting it all together. If he keeps it up, there is NO DOUBT he will snap in college.

   Cody Block (AZ, '13) came out and did very well. Athletic, strong and accurate with his snapping. Form is good and he listens very well.

   Tanner Carew (CA, '14) is starting to really take pride in his Long Snapping and it is showing. Easily could be top dog in his class if he keeps at it. Very athletic.

   Brett Kassell (CA, '13) has improved immensely over the past year. Ball is tight and he is snapping with confidence. Keep an eye on him as he continues to rise up the charts.

   AJ Carty (CA, '15) is easily one of the best Long Snappers in his class and really making a push for the top spot. Vegas is going to be interesting.

   Luke Hutchison (WA, '13) continues to impress me with how quickly he learns and his overall snap. Very close to getting "it" and making it all come together for him.

   Chris Nieto (CA, '14) has all the tools to be a stellar Long Snapper in the future. Very raw right now but definitely headed in the right direction.

   Landon Giammalva (CA, '13/JC) showed great promise and speed. Needs to fine tune it all but has great power in his snap.

   Cody Roth (CA, '13) impressed me throughout the whole day. Handled pressure well and snaps a fast ball. Needs to smooth it all out but I like his potential.

   Other notables: Wesley Bertoni (CA), Garrett Frum (CA), Justin Garza (CA), Kalvin Greenberg (CA), Niko Walsh (CA), David Fleischman (CA), Chris Gill (CA), Conner Kirkegaard (CA), John Aloma (CA), Ryan Simmons (CA), Grant Hilton (CA), Greg Briskin (CA) and Koby Walsh (CA).


Rubio Long Snapping and Chris Sailer Kicking's next stop will be IL on September 30th, followed by NC, GA, TX, CA and then the 11th Annual National Kicking and Snapping Event in Las Vegas on January 19-20, 2013! Reminder, the Vegas Event is open to all Long Snappers and NOT an invite only camp.

For more information, go to and feel free to contact Chris Rubio at Be sure to check out Rubio Long Snapping on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @TheChrisRubio.Snapping 

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