Rubio Long Snapping Texas Recap

Recapping the Rubio Long Snapping Texas Camp from the weekend...

Long Snappers came out to TX on Sunday, march 3rd from CA, CO, AR, TX, LA, MS, KS, TN, MN, WA and OK to get the best instruction and exposure in the country for Long Snappers. The talent was very impressive with some Long Snappers making a name for themselves. The overall winner of the camp was JC Everett (AR, '14). JC was absolutely dominant all day. Snapping with a ton of force and extremely accurate. It was almost unfair to anyone that had to challenge him in the competition segment of the camp. He was very sharp from the first to last snap in TX.

Other Long Snappers that were exceptional throughout the day were....

Gow, Trent
Rubio Long Snapper Trent Gow was the top 2013 Long Snapper in attendance in TX


  • Trent Gow (TX) impressed me a ton in TX. Always had a phenomenal build for the next level and know he has the form to go along with it. He was snapping with a ton of confidence and was overall just flat out great. Look for his ranking to skyrocket.
  • Niko Walsh (CA) showed again why this recent New Mexico St. commit will be playing next year. He is very smooth, accurate and an absolute machine on short snaps.
Frese, Jordan
Rubio Long Snapper Jordan Frese was the best 2014 Long Snapper in attendance in TX


  • Jordan Frese (TX) was superb all day. He is snapping with a ton of confidence and his form is terrific. The bigger he gets, the better he will be.
  • Clayton Jackson (KS) was on target out in TX. Also, snapping with a great deal of confidence and was very calm all day. Looked great physically and mentally.
  • Gray Threadgill (MS) did very well for his first Rubio Long Snapping camp. Solid form and he is very strong with quick hands.
  • Charlies Allaire (WA) showed great accuracy and consistency. Very good first camp for him. Keep an eye out for this north-westerner.
  • Jake Davis (TX) caught my eye right off the bat. He is built very well and is strong. Form is good and he is athletic. Tons of potential.
  • Reese Randall (KS) was on fire during the competition segment of the camp. Very accurate and was handling pressure well. Solid personality.
Poujol, Michael
Rubio Long Snapper Michael Poujol was the best 2015 Long Snapper in attendance in TX


  • Michael Poujol (TX) was excellent in TX. The more he is comfortable, confident and relaxed, the better he does. This kid can easily snap in college in due time.
  • George Madden (OK) has proven time and time again he is the real deal. Getting bigger and stronger is great for him and bad for all the rest in his class. Excellent Long Snapper.
  • Joe Gallinghouse (TX) is a very smooth Long Snapper with a ton of potential. Big bodied and listens well.
Arroyo, Travis
Rubio Long Snapper Travis Arroyo was the best 2016 Long Snapper in attendance in TX.


  • Travis Arroyo (TX) has some of the best form in his entire class...let alone at the camp in TX. Tremendous leg pop and accuracy. Snaps with confidence. The more athletic he gets, the more dominant he will be.
  • Hunter Ryan (TX) has been with Rubio Long Snapping for several years and it is quite obvious that he has been listening. His form is excellent. He is snapping with a ton of confidence and I wouldn;t have been surprised if he had won the whole camp.
  • Geron Eatherly (TX) is quiet but dominant. Kind of sneaks up on everyone and just flat out snaps great balls. He is good.
  • Jonathan Letter (TX) is coming along very nicely. He is very long and has good form. The bigger he gets, the better he will be. Handles pressure well.

Other notables from the camp in TX: Adonis Smith, Charlie Turano, Bobby Joe Nielsen, Brandon Locha, Jackson Breece, Nick Wilderberger, Tipa Galeai and Sam Yoxsimer.

Rubio Long Snapping will continue it's Nike Spring tour on Sunday, March 17 in Chicago, IL. That camp will be followed by camps in NC, GA and CA all leading up to the 11th Annual National Kicking and Snapping Spring Event in Las Vegas on May 4-5, 2013!

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