ReceiverTech RT25 NorCal Regional

A look at the ReceiverTech RT25 NorCal Regional tryouts...

You were nominated by your high school coach to compete this year in the ReceiverTech RT-25 regional competition. You have been accepted and need to now register on the website at

RT25 by ReceiverTech, will give the Regions top WR's an opportunity to showcase their skills and compete with their peers through a series of speed and agility, pass catching and route running events. The days finale will be a 1-on1 showcase pitting the WR and QB against the top DB's.

The RT-25's Regional Winner gets Wireless DreBeats and Region's Winner School represented gets $300.00 donation. The RT-25's top 25 will receive an invitation to represent RT as a receiver at this year's Elite 11 QB competition.  

Northern California Regional RT-25 is at:

Luther Burbank HS,

3500 Florin Rd.,

Sacramento, CA

Check In 9:00am Start 10:00am

RT25 Regional Competition Schedule:    
*    Northern California Region - Sacramento April 7
*    North Carolina Region - Charlotte April 14
*    Texas Region -  Houston April 27
*    Southern California Region- May 11
*    Colorado Region- Broomfield May 19
*    %%MATCH_10%% Region - Utah Valley May 25
*    Florida Region - Orlando June 1
*    Indiana Region- Indianapolis June 8

*    Washington Region - Seattle June 16

RT-25 Cost:

Receiver $60.00

QB's       $10.00

DB's       $10.00

Click here to Register

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. I welcome it.

Get Work Done Now!  

Coach Scott Collie,


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