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FONTANA, CA – Passing Down Elite 7-on-7 Challenge Southern California Regional was loaded with some of top prospects in the Golden State. Body by Tra Results bested them all coming away as the champions defeating GameChangersLA in the finals. Check inside for a blog of all the action and scores from the event…

10:30 a.m. - Pool play underway with four games. Already two pick-sixes this morning -- one by Body by Tra Results, the other by GameChangersLA.

11:00 a.m. - Running 20 mins behind schedule, first set of pool play games are in the books.

FCA Chosen defeats SavvOut 21-20 in overtime. Body by Tra Results knocks off Ground Zero 33-7. GameChangersLA beats Rhare Breed, 24-6. And Frat Boyz take down Beast Mode, 20-6.

11:25 a.m. - FCA Chosen falls to University 55, 22-14. Air Strike starts the day with a 19-14 win over IE Elite.

Team Just Play roughs up Next Level, 21-6, in both teams opener. Body by Tra Commitment blanks FCA Elected, 13-0.

11:55 a.m. - B2G begins their day with a 13-6 win over SavvOut. IE Elite rebounds with a 14-13 win over Ground Zero in OT.

Beast Mode notches its first win with a 14-12 victory over Next Level. And FCA Elected knocks off GameChangersLA, 6-0.

12:05 p.m. - Los Alamitos RB Kendall Brownlow for GameChangersLA is impressing with his ability to elude defenders -- he's breaking ankles.

12:35 p.m. - B2G romps FCA Chosen 25-0 to remain unbeaten. Body by Tra Results also remain unbeaten with a 28-12 win over Air Strike.

Frat Boyz is also unbeaten after knocking off Just Play, 18-7. And Body by Tra Committed is unblemished defeating Rhare Breed, 21-8.

Air Strike QB Brad Kaaya

1:05 p.m. - University 55 keeps up with their counterpart Frat Boyz and remain unbeaten with 26-20 win over SavvOut. Air Strike beat Ground Zero 26-6.

Beast Mode gets an exciting 25-19 win in OT over Just Play. GameChangersLA knock off Body by Tra Commitment, 20-12, giving BBT their first loss.

Pool play in its last round before playoffs begin.

2:00 p.m. - Pool play is over as B2G, Body by Tra Results and Frat Boyz finish unbeaten.

Seeds are as follows:

Bracket 1
1. Body by Tra Results vs. 8. SavvOut

4. Air Strike vs. 5. FCA Chosen

3. University 55 vs. 6. IE Elite

2. B2G vs. 7. Ground Zero

Bracket 2
1. Frat Boyz vs. 8. Next Level

4. GameChangersLA vs. 5. FCA Elected

3. Beast Mode vs. 6. Just Play

2. Body by Tra Commitment vs. 7. Rhare Breed

3:00 p.m. - First round of playoffs are finished. No. 3 seed Beast Mode is knocked out by Just Play in Bracket 2. In a bigger upset, No. 7 Rhare Breed beats No. 2 Body by Tra Commitment.

In the top of Bracket 2, Frat Boyz beats Next Level. And GameChangersLA knocks off FCA Elected.

In Bracket 1, it's all chalk. Body by Tra Results, B2G, University 55 and Air Strike advance.

3:50 p.m. -GameChangersLA upset Frat Boyz on a pick-six in the final minute to advance to semifinals.

Body by Tra Results knock off Air Strike and B2G beats University 55 for a second time today. Ground Zero-Just Play fills out the final four with a victory over Rhare Breed.

4:10 p.m. - Body by Tra Results holds off B2G in semifinal in last minute. GameChangersLA blows out Ground Zero-Just Play 32-6 in other semifinal game.

5:00 p.m. - Body by Tra is your 2013 Passing Down Elite 7-on-7 Challenge SoCal Regional champion.

2015 prospect Tyler Hilinski is named MVP. The Upland (Calif.) quarterback was stellar all day leading Body by Tra to the championship.

Passing Down SoCal Regional Schedule*

Pod 1 (Field 1) – SavvOut, FCA Chosen, B2G, University 55

10:20 – SavvOut vs. FCA Chosen
10:50 – FCA Chosen vs. University 55
11:20 – B2G vs. SavvOut
11:50 – FCA Chosen vs. B2G
12:20 – SavvOut vs. University 55
12:50 – B2G vs. University 55

Pod 2 (Field 2) – Ground Zero, BBTA Results, IE Elite, Air Strike

10:20 – Ground Zero vs. BBTA Results
10:50 – IE Elite vs. Air Strike
11:20 – Ground Zero vs. IE Elite
11:50 – Air Strike vs. BBTA Results
12:20 – Ground Zero vs. Air Strike
12:50 – BBTA Results vs. IE Elite

Pod 3 (Field 3) – Beast Mode, Frat Boyz, Next Level, Just Play

10:20 – Beast Mode vs. Frat Boyz
10:50 – Next Level vs. Just Play
11:20 – Beast Mode vs. Next Level
11:50 – Frat Boyz vs. Just Play
12:20 – Beast Mode vs. Just Play
12:50 – Frat Boyz vs. Next Level

Pod 4 (Field 4) – GameChangersLA, Rhare Breed, FCA Elected, BBTA Commitment

10:20 – GameChangersLA vs. Rhare Breed
10:50 – FCA Elected vs. BBTA Commitment
11:20 – GameChangersLA vs. FCA Elected
11:50 – Rhare Breed vs. BBTA Commitment
12:20 – GameChangersLA vs. BBTA Commitment
12:50 – Rhare Breed vs. FCA Elected


First Round – 1:45-2:40
Quarterfinals – 2:50-3:15
Semifinals – 3:25-3:50
Championship – 4:00-4:30 (30 min game, 70-yard field)

*- schedule is tentative and subject to change

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