Rubio Long Snapping NC Nike Spring Camp

Recapping the Rubio Long Snapping North Carolina Nike Spring Camp...

Long Snappers came out to NC on Saturday, April 13th from SC, GA, TN, MA, CA, PA, FL, CT, VA, MD and NC to get the best instruction and exposure in the country for Long Snappers. The weather was perfect and the talent was very solid. The overall winner of the camp was Tyler Griffiths (NC, '15). This was Tyler's first Rubio Long Snapping camp and he handled the pressure well. He is a very accurate and consistent Long Snapper that has a great frame.

Other Long Snappers that were exceptional throughout the day were....

Class of 2013

  • Emmett Odegard  (CT) - This UMASS commit was beyond solid all day long. Great form, better attitude and extremely coachable make him a great one.
  • Stewart Sherrill (NC) - He came out very strong and confident all day in NC. Getting very comfortable with his snapping. Great improvement.
  • Ben Winstead (NC) - Ben was strong, smooth and snapping with good pop all day. Great personality.
  • Chase McIntyre (NC) - Showed tremendous explosion with his snapping. The more he gets his eyes through, the better he will be.

Class of 2014

  • Alan Lucy (VA) - He was, by far, the best overall Long Snapper at the camp. He left no doubt he is tops in his class. He has fine-tuned his body and is snapping with a great deal of confidence.
  • Adam Vaught (VA) - This mountain of a men looked exceptional out in NC. Easy D1 size right now and he is snapping like he belongs in college as well.
  • Matthew Wolcott (VA) - Wolcott is looking very solid with his snapping. He is snapping hard and he is realizing just how good he is and can be in the future.
  • Kyle Murphy (NC) - Looks like a college Long Snapper right now. Great form. The harder he snaps the ball, the better he will be.
  • Zach Hubbard (FL) - Tons of potential on size alone. Once he locks down his form, the sky will be the limit for him with his snapping.

Class of 2015

  • AJ Carty (CA) - He came out from CA and was the dominant force all day within his class. He was snapping D1 speeds all day and almost won the whole camp.
  • Caleb Hendrix (NC) - He snapped with a great deal
  • Chaska Moon  (NC) - He has improved as much as anyone in the past year. Keep a very close eye on him.
  • Connor Kubala (GA) - He performed very well for his first Rubio Long Snapping camp. Excellent upper body rotation and snaps with a lot of power.
  • Austin Spence (SC) - Spence is continuing to grow with his body and snapping. Very confident Long Snapper with good upside.
  • Garrett Wilson (NC) - He had a very good performance in NC and showed a great deal of potential.

Class of 2016 and Beyond...

  • Charles McDonough (NC) - Outstanding form for his age. As he keeps growing, he will just get better and better. 
  • Skyler Korinek (SC) - Good body, solid form and a great attitude. Keep an eye on him.
  • Harrison Freeman (NC) - Showed excellent potential. Extremely long and athletic.
  • Mitch Hall (NC) - This 2017 Long Snapper could easily be top Long Snapper when his class starts getting ranked. Exceptional form.
  • Ethan Wolcott (VA) - Another 2017 Long Snapper with a very bright future. Great attitude and composure.

Other notables from the camp in NC: Perry Able, Tripp Camp, Dillon Counts, Louis Pikula, Bain Schroeder, Zach Tolle, Zane Weekman, Marco Cadavieco, Tanner Kern, Ben Nadenik, Kendall Trautz and Tristan Minnick.

Rubio Long Snapping will have its 11th Annual National Kicking and Snapping Spring Event in Las Vegas on May 4-5, 2013!


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