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FULLERTON, CA - The finals of the Passing Down Elite 7on7 Challenge concluded Sunday at Fullerton College with the Best of the West Championship tournament. Check inside to read the BOTW blog of Body by Tra's unbeaten run to the championship...

Click HERE for Passing Down 7on7 Rules

9:50 a.m. - Registration is beginning and pool play exhibition games start at 10 a.m.

Tournament seeds and pool play schedule is listed below.


1. Body by Tra (Black)
2. TMP Elite Stars (Red)
3. Diverse Sports (White)
4. GameChangersLA (Graphite)
5. B2G (Royal)
6. ASAP (Maroon)
7. Ground Zero (Navy)
8. EBAL Elite (Gold)
9. Bakersfield Elite (Purple)
10. Sac Attack (Yellow)
11. Frat Boyz (Cardinal)
12. FCA (Green)

Pool Play Schedule*

10:00 – Bakersfield Elite vs. Ground Zero, Sac Attack vs. FCA
10:30 – EBAL Elite vs. Frat Boyz, Body by Tra vs. Diverse Sports
11:00 – ASAP vs.B2G, TMP Elite vs. GameChangersLA

Double elimination tournament will begin at 11:35 a.m.

Click HERE for the 2013 Best of the West Bracket

Game A – 11:35 on Field 1
Game B – 12:05 on Field 1
Game C – 11:35 on Field 2
Game D – 12:05 on Field 2
Game E – 12:35 on Field 1
Game F – 12:35 on Field 2
Game G – 1:05 on Field 1
Game H – 1:05 on Field 2
Game N – 1:35 on Field 1
Game O – 1:35 on Field 2
Game P – 2:05 on Field 1
Game Q – 2:05 on Field 2
Game R – 2:35 on Field 1
Game S – 2:35 on Field 2
Game I – 3:05 on Field 1
Game J – 3:05 on Field 2
Game T – 3:35 on Field 1
Game U – 3:35 on Field 2
Game K – 4:05 on Field 1
Game V – 4:05 on Field 2
Game W – 4:35 on Field 1 (Loser's Bracket winner)
Game L – 5:05 on Field 1 (Championship Game)

12:15 p.m. - The action is popping in Fullerton with the Golden State's best from NorCal to CenCal to SoCal all on one field.

The first two games are in the books with Ground Zero from the IE taking out the Capital City's Sac Attack squad, 21-6, Game C.

In Game A, EBAL Elite from the Tri-Cities in the Bay takes out Central California's Bakersfield Elite, 24-12. EBAL QB Kyle Kearns was money.

1:10 p.m. - Game B saw B2G take out FCA, 25-12. In Game D, ASAP pulled a mild upset beating Frat Boyz, 18-6.

B2G advanced to face No. 4 seed GameChangersLA and beat the SoCal Regional runner-ups, 19-6, in Game F.

Game E was a classic matchup between two of the best 2015 quarterbacks in the Golden State. Kyle Kearns almost pulled out the win as EBAL Elite fell 15-14 to Tyler Hilinski and Body by Tra.

Currently, TMP Elite is facing Ground Zero in Game G, and Diverse Sports is playing ASAP in Game H.

At 3:05 p.m., the anticipated rematch of Body by Tra and B2G will happen in Game I.

1:52 p.m. - Joe Mixon putting on another show with a pick-six that was ruled a touchback as he intercepted Ground Zero's quarterback in the end zone. But TMP Elite needed a last minute drive, scoring in the final 30 seconds to pull out a 18-13 win in Game G.

Diverse Sports beat NorCal Regional rival ASAP, 18-14, in Game H.

It sets up a battle in Game J, as CenCal champs TMP will face NorCal champs Diverse Sports.

2:30 p.m. - Game O saw GameChangersLA get a last minute touchdown to pull out 13-12 win over Frat Boyz sending the talented team home in a surprise early exit.

In Game N, Sac Attack couldn't pull the upset in a 28-26 loss to EBAL Elite. Sac Attack is also eliminated from the BOTW.

2:50 p.m. - Bakersfield Elite upset Ground Zero, 19-12, in Game P. FCA used overtime to knock off ASAP, 13-12, in Game Q.

3:10 p.m. - FCA is fighting its way through the loser bracket beating Bakersfield Elite, 14-13, in Game S. In Game R, GameChangersLA rolled through a solid EBAL Elite team, 25-8.

Down to the final six teams as Bako Elite and EBAL Elite are eliminated.

3:55 p.m. - B2G loses their first game against Fontana nemesis Body by Tra. There was no doubt in this one as BBT won by two scores, 20-6, in Game I. B2G. B2G now has a rematch with FCA.

TMP Elite also holds their seed beating Diverse Sports, 26-16, in Game J. Diverse drops to the loser's bracket to face GameChangersLA in a matchup of the No. 3 and 4 seeds, respectively.

4:45 p.m. - Body by Tra proves they are the best in the Golden State with a 16-6 win over TMP Elite. Already with an impressive 20-6 win over B2G, BBT has beaten both remaining teams in the final three of the BOTW.

B2G defeated Diverse Sports, 14-6, to eliminate the Stockton-based squad.

TMP Elite-B2G winner will get a rematch versus Body by Tra for the BOTW Championship.

5:22 p.m. - Championship game is set after B2G beats TMP Elite 27-12 in the final game of the loser's bracket.

B2G vs. Body by Tra will play for BOTW title.

6:05 - Body by Tra is the 2013 Passing Down Best of the West Champions. Stanley Norman is named MVP.

Body by Tra went 4-0 to win the BOTW title. They went a combined 11-0, including a 7-0 record in the SoCal Regional, in 2013 at Passing Down. BBT left no doubt in their quest as California's best.

Stanley Norman was dominant on both sides of the field. Against TMP Elite, he led a defense that held them scoreless on offense. He also shutdown elite WR Trent Irwin from B2G in both games.

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