Armstead a Work of Art

Armond Armstead – A living, Breathing work of art...

Armond Armstead's journey to the NFL wasn't an easy one. His tenure at USC wasn't a straight shot to the NFL as many of us hoped it would be for him. Armstead's journey, and rise to prominence, started like every other athlete, playing prep sports in high school and going through the myriad of having to prove one's self.

There may have been those that didn't believe he had the talent to compete, the naysayers and haters. Well to keep it short and sweet, he proved them all wrong. There are others like myself that hoped and prayed that this young man would get the break he deserved. He is a true gentleman on and off the field.

Given the opportunity Armond will rise to the occasion. He will perform at the highest levels with his God given talent. The New England Patriot fans will not be disappointed. Armond has the potential to become one of the most outstanding linemen of his generation.

Armond makes what he does look easy, just another day in the office. It is about time that he gets recognized for one of the things' that he does best and that's playing football.

He is the first student, out of the then brand new Pleasant Grove High School in Elk Grove California, to make it to the NFL. His achievement is a definite testament to the football program at that high school under the coaching leadership of Joe Cattolico.

Here's wishing you the best on your continued journey down the road to NFL prominence.

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